Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Camera Mount Give Away!

  10/25/11***I am going to add a to the mix a foldible compact mount so those who don't have a bow can use it with their SLR or pocket cam.****

 I have been asked by people how I get so many camera angles with my cameras from my bow.  Well, I will unveil the secrets up my filming.  I make my own camera mounts.  Simple fact is I do not like buying anything that I can make.  My Handcrafted Gear Pages shows that.  I have three basic camera mounts and I will give away to Two lucky people.  I have the Riser Mount that will attach to most bows and is great for forward and rear facing shots and a stabilizer mount that does it all.  Here is the bowfishing set up where is mounts to the sight holes.  It can also be mounted just below the riser for your big game rig in you would like. (Available in GOPRO or Contour widths)

The other is the Stabilizer Mount that attached between your bow any standard stabilizer.  This one I love, you can rotate it to so many different angles to get all sorts of shots a standard mount just will not give you. It comes in an optional fixed our swiveled style head.

To Qualify

  Okay kids it is simple, for every comment on this blog post, you will get 1 entry.  If you follow me on Twitter you get 1 entry, leave a comment on this blog post saying you did so. For every Retweet of a Twitter post you will get 1 entry, leave separate comment on this blog post saying you did so.  If you follow the Bearded Boar blog you get 1 entry, leave a separate comment on this blog post saying you did so. A comment on other social media sites such as Facebook or Huntvids will be give 1 point as well, make sure you leave a separate comment on this blog post. If you already, follow on any above sites 1 entry, but still leave a comment saying so  Please leave separate comments for each entry! 1 Comment = 1 Entry!

The Deadline

  The give away will start time is 930 am PST 10/18/11 and the contest will close 5pm PST 10/27/11.  During this time entries will be considered valid.

The Winner and Prize Acceptance

  The winner will be announced Friday October 28th via email and post on the Bearded Boar site as well as Facebook and Twitter.  The winner must respond within 48 hours of the announcement, if contact is not made then another winner will be chosen via the same method as the first.  Winner must respond with their contact information for the prize delivery or they will forfeit their prize.

Good luck all and have at it.

The Bearded Boar


  1. Very cool, this gives me a few ideas for giveaways. And I like the mount.

  2. I shared on facebook. Tried to follow on twitter, but the link didn't work. Nice blog BTW!

  3. Tweet post:
    Check out this site: http://beardedboar.blogspot.com/2011/10/camera-mount-give-away.html Here's a neat giveaway for you bowhunters out there!

  4. Of course, the regular comment! This is a cool giveaway. I enjoy filming my own, so this would come in handy.

  5. and, I'm following! Nice blog btw. Enjoy reading!

  6. Retweeted and following

  7. Put me in. Here is my comment ;-) and I follow you on Twitter so I guess that would be 2 entries.

  8. Ok just in case, I follow the blog too so that would be another one. Can't remember if I retweeted or not. I'm old and forgetful. I actually could use a good mount, oh and a decent camera too rather than the POS I use.