Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Local Bow Shop is closing and its our fault......

  I am really bummed today, my local bow shop is closing its doors at the end of next month.  If you needed a dozen arrows the night before opening day or your bow is creaking, for me it is/was the place to go.  Nothing spectacular, it doesn't have everything the larger retailers have, but is has what you need 75% of the time and there is always an open bow press for repairs.  But no more. Last night the President of the United States gave the State of the Union Address and spoke about how to improve the economy and a few other gentleman are debating on how they would do it differently, unfortunately their plans will not help Don the proprietor of Archery Sports USA. It is simply to late.

 There are lots of reasons why businesses fail and truly most do, rental costs, employee wages and taxes are all overhead costs that all put a business in the hole before they even open the doors.  The next thing that will close a business in not making sales or not having having customers, obviously.  Before I was the manly construction manager that I am today I worked for the largest grossing bicycle shop in Los Angeles and the thing that killed us were the people who would ask us what products, bikes or clothing we recommended and then buy it online.  I understand that there can be cheaper prices online, but at the cost to the business and possibly your pocket book. Because even if you saved 20 bucks you still have to drive to a shop and pay someone to install it.  Savings gone for the most part.

  Okay soap box time.

  I believe in keeping the economy going on a local level.  Buy American and more importantly buy local and that will help us all out.  It is plain and simple if you want to be able to have a place and pick up something real quick or actually get someone who knows something about the product they are stocking you need to invest into their business and help them stay around.  I know some of the big stores have really cool stuff, boats, blankets, boots, BBQs, lots of different types of broad heads and rows and rows of fly rods.  Good luck finding someone who might have an understanding of the product or may heaven forbid actually use it. In most cases you are a number and a dollar sign, a piece of meat in the food chain.  Not saying don't shop there, just be careful not to take business that can be had at your local shop.   Mortal sin of the consumer in the small business arena is to ask your shop what to buy, buy it online and then take it to them to install. Do that and you might find a broadhead or a #8 hook in your back on the way out.

 Remember when you help out a local small shop they just might give you a few bucks off, a tip on honing your skill or maybe invite you onto private land to finally bag that trophy.  We are all struggling in one way shape or form, but remember is you want to improve the economy don't wait for Big Brother take action and do it yourself.  BUY AMERICAN-BUY LOCAL!

Just saying think it over,

The Bearded Boar


  1. Great post Tony. I also like the way your treated when you go in and buy at your local shop. If you support them they are more likely to do the same.

  2. Amen, brother.

    (PS-doing a backing/line install on a reel that we carry that the "customer" bought at Cabela's/BassPro & them bristling at paying $10 for the backing + install drives me absolutely f**king bonkers)

  3. Tony, that is too bad. While I understand your POV, I am afraid it is easier said than done. Like many, myself included, people are trying to save the $$ they have in hand. With this economy and the deals offered online, it's hard to pass up said deals. I try to save the money because I know the pro shop charges more, a lot more. That being said, I also know that if I buy online and my shop goes Out of Business, then I have to drive even further to get my bow worked on or have a network of people to work with. It takes some serious thinking on the part of the consumer to realize that in the long run it is better to buy from the shop and build a relationship and you have them there to help you with the purchase. I am continually going to my local shop to do what I can to promote them and shoot. Excellent point made on hunting land, too. Many don't realize that if you put in some effort it may be returned back in better ways. Good post.