Monday, October 3, 2011

Too many bears to deer hunt

  So I went out to my local prime hunting spot to try and shoot myself a nice Buck before pee shooting opens. So I geared up, and headed out solo. As I got to the mouth of the canyon I found lots of good fresh deer tracks and bear. Good stuff, was excited about shooting a bear, later this month. So me, myself and I thought it through and we would just be on the lookout for a few Yogis rolling down the trail.  No worries we've done this may times before.

  First let me say, I've had many run ins with bears, I spent a summer working at a camp in the Sequoias National Park and actively chased them around the camp and out of the trash bins. I have backpacked all over the East and West Sierras and had many encounters with no problems, but this time it felt different. The canyon I hunt in is one way in one way out, the trail I am on is it. Too thick and steep to try and run up and get away. So needless to say I was a little apprehensive, especially when I got to where my first set was. I think Gellystone was having a picnic basket convention and all of Yogi's kin came to visit.

  No joke at least three or four bears had been through there recently, especially the sow and here cub. The tracks were clean, defined and the sides were just starting to caving in, aka she just came through. Okay so I stopped looked, listened and nothing. Heart is pumping like the base line at a Puffy concert now, not sure who is hunting who. Wind started swirling and was most likely giving every deer in the area my current AO and with that I headed out to the mouth of the canyon where I had another set I could do.  I about faced and walked back out the same way I had come in and well wouldn't you know Yogi had decided to wait for me to pass earlier and walked back down the trail.  Let me tell ya it is strange to see bear tracks over the top of your own that you had made not 15 minutes before. Okay enough carnivore fun for one day I double timed it back to my last set and called it a day. All, I can say is that I am excited that Bear to open, but I need the right set to make it happen. Not a small choked canyon where I am all alone and no one knows were I'm at.

So to all the bears out there reading this, I'll get you Yogi and you little Booboo to.

The Bearded Boar


  1. That is intense to see bear tracks over top of your tracks. That'll get the ole ticker pumpin' Best of luck out there.

  2. That will definitely get your adrenaline up! Wow, like you, I cannot wait for bear season to open back up... a few more days! Good luck sticking Yogi, Tony!

  3. We are just starting to have them move into a place I hunt. Not looking forward to walking up on one in the woods.