Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I went hunting for deer and shot a Peacock

The day started off talking to a hunting buddy as I was about to leave and go to my spot a few hours North of my house and he replied "My wife is gone till Thursday, I've got some time lets go." I am always up for some company, so we rolled into my favorite spot where I had passed up on good 3x2 a week before. We unloaded the gear and started the stalk. Up the trail a ways there  were signs of deer and bear were in the area. 

  I crested a bend and glassed a grey shape moving along a trail then up an embankment.  My heart was racing, I brought my binos up and......A large male Peacock.  What the... Yes I said Peacocks, let me tell you how weird it was to see a Peacock about an hour and change from the nearest small town in the middle of a secluded hunting zone mind you. So we talked and decided we did not want the Peacock to sound the alarm that we were there, so at 60 yrds I let the Slim Stick do its magic. Feathers flew everywhere, bird rolls into some really thick stuff and commence us trying not to laugh too loud and scare the deer out of there.
  Upon inspection of the arrow, blood, a crap load of feathers but still no bird. My hunting partner kept looking for the bird as I walked up the trail looking for my 3x2 that I passed up on a few days before.  Let me tell you it is really hard to look in thick blackberry bushes and try to not to be too loud. Sadly both up of were struck out, no Peacock and no Deer.  As darkness grew near we headed back with vigor for we could hear Mama bear and her cub above us skirting our path. 
   At least we did not come home empty handed, as we were driving down the mountain we came across a nice rattler that was crossing the road.  We dispatched him and through him into the back of my truck.
  The next morning we did jump some deer, one was small and or too fast to see, more bear tracks and the march of death through areas even the dear avoid. But all in the name of hunting. So as it turns out so far this year Deer 3, Me 0, but Me 1, Peacocks 0.

I call it a wash so far.
Bearded Boar


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