Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hunting Story- Elk Hunt 20+ Years In The Making

 Here is a story from Bobby N. on his fathers La Panza Bull Elk hunt here in California.  It is a really cool story that I thought I'd share with you all.

  Well after 20+ years of applying, my dad drew a Tule Elk tag this year. La Panza Period 2 Bull. We were lucky enough to have some friends with a couple small ranches in the northern part of the unit, so we knew we had a decent chance at seeing some elk. We hunted the Carrizo Plain area hard and walked over a lot of country, but only to see the elk wandering around on the private ground. Even then we didn't see any good bulls. So we went to plan B, and moved north onto some property we had access to. 

  We saw some small bulls right away, then we ran into the large herd of mostly cows and real small bulls. On Day 3 we finally ran into some good bulls. Two groups of about 7-10 bulls in each group! Big boys too! We took our time and really looked them all over. The real big guys were broken up, one who was just a monster with huge brow tines was busted off on both sides above his 3rds. Anyways, we weren't in any hurry and weren't in a good position to shoot anyways. So we let them go for the day, didn't want to push them too much. Came back the next day, and they are nowhere to be found... Fast forward two days later (after lots of miles and seeing nothing except the large cow herd...) Its foggy as hell, we climb up to our usual glassing spot and we can't see more than 200 yards. Just before we decide to head back down until it clears up, we walk one more small ridge... 

  I see my dad start making all kinds of fast movements and getting down on the ground. Well sure enough across a hillside are two bulls bedded down. They have no idea we are there. I tell him to just get in position. I'll range them and check them out to see if we want to shoot one. Well they are both pretty good, but one is a little better than the other. And compared to the 20+ bulls we looked at, he was definitely one of the better being that he still had most of his rack. I tell my dad "the lower one" and after settling it, he lets it fly. Hits the bull a little forward, the bulls stand up dazed. He sends another and knocks him down for good. Needless to say, we were stoked!! 

Dads first elk, and well deserved! He's a six on his right side with a 7th point broken off, and then his left was 5, but broken off as well. If he was fully intact he would have been at least a 7x7, but still nice regardless!


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