Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Diablo Paddlesports Adios

What can I say about the Diablo PaddleSports Adios, it pretty darn versitile.  I have hunted duck and yotes from it, cruised the local harbors, bowfished for Carp and flyfished for Bass, Carp, Halibut and Trout.  I have slid it in to water that is only a 6 inches deep it blows my mind what you can do with it.

  The Construction- Strong and durable ABS Plastic has a few pluses where its poly cousins fail.  Crack your other kayak, try to plastic weld it together and it is almost impossible to get it done correctly.  Do the same with a Diablo and you are able to apply a mixture of acetone and ABS plastic shavings over the crack and in just a few minutes you are ready to role.  To put it simply it is a two piece clam shell that is bonded together in the middle to form a durable body that will be water tight and stand up to the harshest treatment, I know I have been abusing it. Their are three dry storage access points two circular and one large door in the bow that allows for easy access on the fly so no stopping just to grab your chair or some gear.  You also have three spots in which to tie down your gear as well, making the Diablo the perfect for long paddles with lots of gear.  The Diablo has the ability to become pack mule of the kayak world if you so choose.

  The Stand up- As a stand up goes it is not a Stand Up Paddle board for sure, but that is not a bad thing either.  If you wanted something light, basic and something you will get wet in than a SUP is your deal, but I don't.  I want a platform that I can stand up on and fish from. Fishing from a traditional sit down Kayak does not appeal to me in the least. If I am going to be that low to the water I might as well just dive under it to spear the fish.  Standing up allows me to sight fish from my yak and team that with its ability to get into really shallow water and you have a recipe for some good ole lip ripp'n.  Drifting is easy too, I would just angle the boat sideways slowly drift by the spots I wanted to fish and if I wanted to stay in one spot drop the anchor or stick the paddle into the mud and tie it down.  Instant and easy mobility.  The draw back I will say it the tracking, because of the boats water displacement and its uncanny ability to sit high on the water you do have an issue with it turning to port (left) or starboard (right) every time you paddle.  That being said with a modified J paddle stroke and simply alternating strokes you can manage it.

  The Sit-Down- I have another traditional kayak that I used to take out the family in and paddle around the harbors in Ventura County.  It is roughly the same length as the Diablo, but much narrower.  But, with then narrow lines of the other kayak come something that is not as stable. You would never see me doing stand up on it or even think about going bowfishing from it.  When you are sitting down, I have the Larry Chair and love it, it is a normal Kayak.  Form, function, handling is all there, except it is way more stable.  I'll be honest, I rarely sit down, I love standing up and seeing what is around me under the water's surface, plus it is a killer workout.  I will say though when I do my drift trip in a month I will be sitting down on the sections with rapids, I have no desire to be a cowboy with it when it comes to whitewater.

 The Real Deal- So it is simple, it you want a personal rig that is easy to maneuver, allows you to sight fish on your feet and still has the class and mobility of a Kayak I truly do not see why you would get anything else.   The Diablo Adios is pure magic for me when it comes to water based hunting and fishing carnage.  I am sticking and lip ripp'n carp that before were unattainable due to the Tule reeds and thick vegetation.  I can slide down rivers now to shoot duck and the occasional yote that was in the video and the harbors and kelp beds are much easier to explore now.  Like I said tracking is was an issue, but there is a rudder that is floating around out there now that is said to have remedied that concern, so if that is the case, man unreal. The Bearded Boar give this rig the HIGHEST grade, honor and respect.  I will never get rid of mine, it is pure magic on the water.

Disclaimer-  I am on the pro staff for Diablo Paddlesports and I was provided the kayak to review, use and generally inflict carnage on wing, fin and feet. Diablo PS sent me the Adios to put through the riggors and really beat the tar out of and give my honest opinion.  But trust me when I say, that it did not change how I actually feel about the Boat or that I would not convey its limitations. So if you still have a problem with this I have an oar for you to stick somewhere, get real its a freaking great boat.


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