Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trout Power- Come One, Come ALL

I wanted to direct all you fly bums over to a really cool project that you all should check out, Trout Power.  It is brought to you by Jordan Ross of JP Ross Fly Rods and the good people along the West Canada River in New York State. It is a really great project and a great opportunity for us all to help out or local community as well.  Give the site a once over and if you have the time and ability enter into the Tourney or just donate to the cause.

  If you can't make the it and are not able to donate, try and at least stop by the local stores and support local small businesses. Stop by for a sweet bite at Sweetie Pies or skip Motel 6 and go to Sugar Bush B&B for a good night sleep.

  I am trying to make it out there to the West Canada for the tourney and I hope you will too. This is more than just a lip ripping session, it is about the community and bringing anglers and small towns together.  So have at it all.

Later the BB.


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