Friday, July 27, 2012

Fast Friday- [Gear/PRE-SEASON/Scouting/Boots]

[Gear]- Here are some new toys for me to play with from the minds that brought up the Bino System, None other than Crooked Horn Outfitters.  I must say so far so good.

[PRE-SEASON]- If you havn't doned a pack yet and started getting in shape it not too late.  Fill your pack up with some gear and get out there.  Deer may not care if you are fat or not, but it does make it easier for them to run away from you if you are.

[Scouting]-  I know that most of our significant others are dreading the next few months, but its true sometimes the only way to find deer is to go out and look.  If you haven't been blessed by the private land fairy and have a bunch of trail cams out, I suggest taking the family on a hike.  To your favorite hunting area, a picnic in a bean field maybe.  Make it an adventure, everyone has to wear camo.  Okay maybe thats pushing it to far, but you get the point. Something is better than nothing to say the least.

[Boots]- Big shout out to Rocky Gear for being the only company to return the call to make a better boot.  They say they have one, but we will have to see about that.  I am willing to give their recomendation a shot.

Okay everyone thats it for the week enjoy, Im filming this weekend so expect some horn next week.


The Bearded Boar

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