Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Fish to Finish

  Today is Labor day, a wonderous day in which we celebrate all things Laborious.  Our jobs, (which I put a few hours in this morning), the morning commute, the paycheck, the really bad office coffee and of course that special someone in your office that makes you want to hurl a computer monitor in their general direction.  To me labor day is a little strange, we have a day to celebrate our jobs? I thought that was called the weekend, but I digress.  And before anyone emails me I know that it was set up in the late 1800's by Presdent Cleveland in response to the labor strikes and clashes they had with the military.  But that does not really the point of an outdoors blog, to discuss the finer points of the labor movment.  So now off into the world of bowfishing and trail running, things that are worthy of celebrating.
  Today was an hour run up the Chumash Trail starting at Mugu Rock and the basically went vertical.  900 feet of elevation gain in just over half a mile.  Lets just say I was a little winded by the time I got to the top and I was not even half way done with my run.  It is one of the most beautiful places on the PCH for sure.  So after an hour of assending and dessending the the Tower of Babel I headed to the river for some skinny stick sling'n. 
   Rolled up to the first spot to find the alge bloom in full swing, which means no visibility to speak of.  So, off to the next spot.  Once I got the the second spot I was greated with the sight of Carp feed near the bank.  I grabbed my bow and hooked up my camera and I was off.  Yes, I am filming my hunts now and I am currently editing yesterday's run and bowfishing session.  Anyway, lots of Stinging Nettles, which hurt when you are wearing shorts, and lots of fish.  My only problem was that the light was fading fast and I was running out of light.  On my first shot I connected and I had my first camera/bowfishing experience.  It was not easy to say the least. 
  With success comes an inflated ego and despite the setting sun I stuck around for a few more shots and the high tailed it out of there.  Good day, exhausting, but great.  Like I said I am currently editing the video and will post it as soon as it is done.
Bearded Boar


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