Thursday, September 15, 2011

Social Media or Hunting Buddies that is the question.

   I belong to a couple of hunting, fishing and general outdoor forums around the web and contribute to a few more.  Most have great insight and fun stories that will help you pass the time when you are stuck at your desk filing paperwork or spending a lazy afternoon tripping around the internet.  Sites like Jesse's Hunting Forum, which is a great example of a general Outdoors site that is about camaraderie, technical information and some great hunting stories from everyday blue collar guys.  No frills or massive giveaways to draw people in, just men and women who want to share their thoughts and ask questions.  Platforms such as The Almighty Facebook or Twitter (both which I use) give off a much different type of sporadic and at times spastic information feed.  With out a doubt they have their place in the social media world that we live in, but they are not the cornerstone.  Most outdoor sites tend run off a different platform which mainly convey a more focused and complete train of thought or idea.  In Outdoor forums and or blogs, information and discussions are not delivered like a flash in the pan, but mulled over and sometimes beat to death by a group of like minded people.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages and both I use, for example this site.

   So whats with the Social Media and Hunting Buddy and other nonsense about websites?  Well, it comes down to information and the balance between reading off a computer screen and looking another person in the eyes and having the same conversations.  For example, I had a great talk yesterday with a Gentleman that I met at Big 5 a few months back.  I met Ed while standing in line purchasing a hunting licenses and me being the every talkative nice guy started asking a few questions about where he was going to hunt.  After about a thirty minute talk on my tail gate with maps opened about deer hunting in the D zones of California, I had armed him with some information on where to start looking for bucks out here an my number is he had more questions.  Fast forward to yesterday, Ed and I were again on my tail gate narrowing down and fine tuning his plan of attack on the upcoming riffle season.  I was thinking to myself, "Self, this is fun, I enjoy talking to guys that just love being outside."  Though "Self" didn't say much back, must have been bored with all the topo maps we were looking at and discussion of Deer/Weather movements, but that's what I get for being slightly ADD.  I did however realized that both online interaction and face to face have their place in our modern lives and both build crucial relationships, but they are different. A computer screen does not smile and give you a high five and on the other hand one person can only know so much about a subject.

   Together the friendships that build up to the hunt from the blending of cyberspace and a tailgate meeting, when done properly, can bring an amazing experience on a trip.  The info that I had for Ed came from me scouting an area sure, but also the internet.  Forums, blogs, and Google Earth all played their part in it so that opening day could be a success.  You see opening day of Deer Season, or any other creature for that matter, to the Outdoors man is just like a women and her wedding day.  The workouts, the prep and  planning which culminate into a beautifully orchestrated event of pure enjoyment and satisfaction, though I guess you can say sometimes the Groom, ie Mr. Big Antlers, doesn't show up.  But, it is still can be great hunt, unlike a women being left on the big day, that is not so great. And Wifey, I loved our wedding day and I am talking about other guys not me.

  So, to wrap up my incoherent babbling, I have realized 'The Brotherhood of the Outdoors' in which ever form it comes in, Ed at Big 5, Jesse's Hunting Forum, Facebook or Twitter, is what makes hunting and fishing great.  I have found it is not about the kill or the trophy that I love, but the build up and teamwork that makes me more passionate about being a Western Athlete.  Every run, day surfing, sit up, bow shot and conversation is training for that one moment when I need to be ready to seal the deal or as the great modern day philosopher, Larry the Cable Guy says, "Get R' Done." 

Bearded Boar

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  1. I tried to leave a comment last night, but somehow got thwarted in the posting part.

    Anyway, the gist was that I agree with you. The internet stuff is useful and entertaining, especially in the off season. But I don't get all excited on my first day back to the internet like I do on opening day. Bear hunting (with hounds) is really social, and I'm amped about getting to see my friends again. I've developed some really good friends in the hills, and in fact, married a man I met in hunting camp. It's the best part about a sport that has a lot of best parts.