Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gear Tip: Fire in a Can

So in the world of personal camping stoves there is a lot to choose from and a wide range as well.  Most people don't really care, because they only use a stove a few times a year. I on the other hand use mine a few times a week.  I heat water for my Yerba Mate almost everyday and I cook my lunches on the jobsite when I am building homes. So with all that said here is the rundown.

What I buy:
   I personally have an affinity toward the MSR Pocket Rocket, because it is small, lightweight and the fuel is cheap and easy to find.  But you burn through the fuel really fast and it is really flimsy. I also have a Coleman Xpedition burner and you can never find the fuel for it, but it is really efficient and a bottle of fuel lasts a long time. So what is a man to do.

What I make:
  The solution, Fire in a can.  It seems harmless, a little mundane and to be honest lack luster.  And maybe it is, but it works and it is easy to make and refill. Here is what you need.

1 pint Paint can
1 Scent Free roll of Toilet Paper
1 Can of Denatured Alcohol
1 Grate

Put it together:

1. Take the cardboard out of the toilet paper roll then stuff, push and squeeze the roll inside the can.
2. Next pour the Denatured Alcohol into the can until in is no longer absorbed by the toilet paper roll.  Pretty simple and easy for sure.
3. Next find something that you can make into a grate, this one a friend welded for me out of 2" steal pipe.  It works well and is really durable.  But you can substitute it for almost anything that can hold up a pan or pot and give air to the can as it burns.

The result is a can that you can throw anywhere and have on hand at any time.  I have also used them as a small fire while camping in place of a full blown fire.  You won't be completely warm but heck if your hand don't feel a little better.  Remember you will not be setting any water boiling records with the can, but it is great to have on hand when you need fire and don't have room for a full set up.


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