Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here is a awesome film from the gents at Uncage the Soul Productions via IF4.  "Frank Moore: Mending the Line"
Please watch it and make sure you get on the links below to help support the cause.

 The Bearded Boar

"Frank Moore: Mending the Line" - Uncage the Soul Productions from IF4 on Vimeo.

Tough as nails, gentle as a poet, and determined as a badger, 90 year-old Frank Moore loves to fish. A World War II veteran, in 1944 he landed along with some 150,000 other troops on the beaches of Normandy, France for the D-Day allied invasion. Despite the cacophony of war around him, the young avid fly fisherman couldn’t help but notice the productive fisheries on the rivers he and his fellow troops crossed as they made their way into occupied France.
His lifetime accomplishments as a fly fisherman, conservationist and a veteran have earned him many awards, including the prestigious Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, and recent induction into the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. He has guided and fished with many famous anglers, including actors, congressman and executives. He built and was the long time proprietor of the world renowned Steamboat Inn along the North Umpqua River. And now, reflecting back upon his life, he feels compelled to return to the rivers of Normandy, this time armed not with a gun, but with a fly rod and reel. 70 years later, we will follow Moore as he travels back to Normandy. Once a soldier witnessing the horrors of war, now he will return to these rivers as a fisherman seeking serenity on the water and bringing his life full circle.
This documentary project will profile Frank Moore's inspiring and dynamic life history and follow his return to France to fish the rivers that he crossed so many years ago as a 21 year old soldier amidst the devastation of war. There are few veterans in as good health as Frank, far fewer who have the courage and ability to travel back to France to see the war grounds of their past. In May 2013 the Uncage the Soul Production team will travel to France with Frank and his wife of 70 years, Jeanne, traversing the rivers and World War II landmarks of Normandy. With your support, we can all show our appreciation to this venerable veteran and others like him by making this dream of his a reality, documenting not only his lifetime of accomplishments, but also the beauty that lies in the world of fly fishing, allowing a man to confront his past and embrace his passion in a place that he once helped to free.
With your help we can make this dream a reality, showing our appreciation and allowing a man to confront his past and embrace his passion in a place he once helped to free. Make your contribution at:
For more details visit Uncage the Soul Productions online:
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Riding High: A Season on the Fly from Waterline Media on Vimeo.

Many of you may have seen this film already, but it is a great picture of the grind and passion that an entire season of fishing for Tarpon is for many people.  The Gents at Waterline Media have put together a highlight reel that showed their passion for the chase and water which they fished on.

Waterline Media presents a short film for the Drake 5 minutes of Fly Fishing in New Orleans in August, 2011. Filmed over the course of an entire tarpon season from the lower Keys to the Panhandle, Riding High shows the entire migration from the viewpoint of those that chase this amazing fish every year.

Cheers The BB
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trout a al Diablo from Scumliner Media

Trout a al Diablo from scumliner media on Vimeo.

I do not fight that I am a Diablo Paddlesports "Homer".  In fact I prefer to fish from that than almost anything else out there.  I love my Adios and have put that poor boat through hell and back taking it places that most people would never dream of in pursuit of fin, feather and fur. The Guys at Scumliner are a wealth of vids and are definitely worth a sit and watch as they navigate the water with their Diablo PS in search of trout. Enjoy
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Sitka Gear- "White Ghost" Hunting film

White Ghost from Sitka Films on Vimeo.

Sitka Films is a constant producer of high quality films that are visually appealing.  The Brains behind their films are Greenback Tactical Hunters. Good work guys and cheers to the dedication to the trade.
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

neVer haVe to woRRy from Matthias Esslinger on Vimeo.
German Flyfisher and guru Matthias Esslinger has mixed the German Style with The New Flyfishing Vibe. He has a great take and single POV camera angles that are a refreshing look in outdoor filming.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cam Hanes "2014" Promo from Branlin Shockey on Vimeo.

Branlin Shockey is in my opinion one of the most amazing minds when it comes to outdoor filming and cinematography.  There are few people in the industry right now that I would say are IMAX capable  Branlin Shockey, son of Jim Shockey, is one of the few.  I'm a fan to say the least. 
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Evolution Anglers- "Dudes"

Here is a cool one from Evolution Anglers- "Dudes" is a tribute to the people they take out fly fishing to earn their living doing what they love. Like it gents, keep on keep'n on.

Dudes from Evolution Anglers on Vimeo.

Dudes, sports, guests, clients whatever you call them, people paying guides are the reason many of us like myself get to make a living doing something we love. This video is a combination of two days fly fishing on the Big Hole River in SW Montana with two of my favorite "Dudes". We had a ton of laughs, beautiful weather and great fishing. These two closed down my guide season for the year, and provided an excellent ending to a fantastic guide season. For more videos and thoughts from Southwest Montana check out their blog, 
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Seacat Creative's "Searching For West"

Searching for West from Helio Collective on Vimeo.

You can't go wrong with Seacat Creative/ Helio Collective's "Searching for West".  A good tale that I think many of us as outdoorsman relate to, being torn between the drive of the hunt and time with our families   All in all one of the top films to come out in the past year about hunting.
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Faceless Fly Fishing

"Plan B" from Faceless Fly Fishing

You can see more films and Photos on their FB Page at Cheers



The Bearded Boar
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fly Fishing Film from The Fly Collective

Thought y'all would like to see some of the films that I am watching, this is going to become a regular thing so enjoy.

Killer little fly fishing film from The Fly Collective "Cold Blue Nights"

Cold Blue Nights from The Fly Collective on Vimeo.

Cheers Tony
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