Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dove scouting and workout

Short one today sorry, but on the road scouting.  Had a good day scouting for dove in Welton, AZ and good news we have found the dove.  Better news is I've dropped to 235lbs and will be hitting the gym tonight to lift.  Good news is my tech cotton from UA is kill'n it here in the heat.

  Hopefully I'll have some pics and video for you tomorrow.


Bearded Boar

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Slinging the Skinny Stick and Mr Fishy.


the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

  Yes I have an addiction, Slaying Carp!  Sigh.. Okay I feel better, but not really.  I am addicted to Bowfishing Carp, I am a slave to the pursuit of Carp via a fiberglass arrow and a string.  I have the privilege of shooting at three killer spots on my way home from work and I am lucky enough to have a wife that likes her husband relaxed when he gets home.  So pair my addiction with killer spots full of fish insert add a dash of an understanding wife and you have a recipe for blood on the river banks.  

The Setup
Since I started shooting at the "Almighty Canals" I have tagged close to 35 fish over the past two months with my largest fish coming in at around 35 inches.  I know that may not seem like very many fish but, seeing how I only spend a few minutes there at a time its not to bad.  If I am not fishing it, I am checking it for water clarity. It is not all rainbows and butterflies all the time though, I do receive severe trauma (a symptom of addiction) from the Stinging Nettles that line the banks.  The crazy thing is that I am now becoming immune to their nasty bite,  I got hit a few days ago and really didn't feel anything.  Just a few brushes of the hand wiped the pain away.  

Disturbing The Peace 
 Please understand that I live in a spot that is as "country" as you are going to get for the Greater LA area.  It is mainly strawberry fields and orange groves where I live and hunt, but that does not preclude the occasional tree-hugger from calling the police on me.  Last time it was, "We have received a few calls that a threatening man was walking around with a bow and arrow by the road."  After a few laughs with the Officer and the obligatory exchange of licenses and IDs, I began to explain what I was doing and how it was legal to be shooting fish on the river.  I even gave him the local DFG warden's number if he wanted to verify what I was saying.  He just smiled and said have a nice day.  So back to slaying I went.

The Kill Shots
So there it is, Bowfishing in So. Cal, not the most mainstream sport out there, but it is the best I can do to hunt daily around here.  Here are a few pic of my conquests.

Oh Ya, run went well yesterday.  Pushed my Camo princess around a cucumber field for 30 minutes, followed by an ab workout and 100 arrows.  Good news is I dropped under 240!  That's right folks drop'n it like its hot.

Later all,

Bearded Boar

Hole in the Head!

Later all,

Bearded Boar
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goals- From Foot to Finish.

I am on the hook now, no backing out, no excuses.  My first trail half marathon on November 5th!
The Silver Falls Half Marathon is in the Silver Falls Start Park, just outside of Silverton, Or.  (That is a lot of silver going down if you ask me.)  And I can run a total of about....3 miles right now and that is a little rough.  No worries the wife is doing it with me, so I will have her to motivate me and hopefully I'll be able to bring a tow line so she can pull me along.

Training regiment will be listed tomorrow hopefully.

So in the spirit of the W.A. (Western Athlete-See first post)  Let's get it on.
The Bearded Boar

PS.- Oh ya, 245lbs today and so far so good on killing the cravings, but the lunch truck will be here in 30 mins.  So what you say, well I eat for free off it because I'm the boss.  How can I deny all the spicy goodness of Mexican food?  Just look down are remember what it does to my midsection.  Ensalada for me today and a 30 minute run and then shooting 100 arrows after work.
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From Fat to Western Athlete

In the past I have had many struggles with my weight, I tend to bounce between 200lbs and 250lbs.  In March of 2010 I was at 210, getting down in my preferred weight range when, of all things I tore my right knee up.  Not just cut on the knee cap, a meniscus tear and some IT damage.  Under the knife I went after a long struggle with pre-surgery attempts at physical therapy to strengthen my knees.  So a few steaks, peices of cake, high calorie beers and lots of non-activity I got to 250lbs.  This is biggest I have ever been in my life.  But really big does not describe the hugeness of the situation, I am fat, lard butt, girthy, big boned, and really just a lazy slob of a man.

  But that is changing, I declare this a liberation day on all fronts.  No I am not getting the Lap Band surgery, that would be too easy.  I am doing some old fashioned butt kick'n, Western Athlete style.  So here is how this blog of my hugeness reduction is going to play out....

  Western Athlete (n,v,ad.v ect.) A Western Athlete is more than just a hunter, fisherman and standard outdoors man. With great intensity he peruses the adrenaline filled world around us and with dedication he conquers it.  As a Western Athlete I am just as comfortable with a Bow, Gun and Fly rod as I am with a bicycle, running shoes, surfboard and chef's knife.  I am just as stoked to be hunting big game above water as I am below the water spearfishing for Pelagics. Being a Western Athlete is not just about loving everything that is west of the Rockies, but going beyond ones comforts zone and embracing God glorious creation.  If  there is a sweat-fueled activity that I can engage myself in, I am up for it. This is a journey of outdoor life through the eyes of a man on a mission to reduce his belt size.

   My goals will be laid out before you as well as my honest of my weight struggles and triumphs. No secrets, just passion.

Lets get it on.


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