Friday, November 18, 2011

Survival Straps- Review

The Intro
 They say necessity is the mother of all invention and that rains true for my new favorite company Survival Straps.  Not only do they make products that are useful and practical, but they are a company that encompasses the American dream and Spirit.

The Company
  Five years ago Kurt, the owner and founder, had a need.  On a spearfishing trip his watch band had broken and using what he had with him he fashioned together a watchband made of some loose para-cord that he had stuffed into his bag.  It looked good, it was practical and others saw it liked it too.  Then and there Survival Straps was born, first out of his garage, selling on eBay and now they are 60 employees strong and moving to a larger facility to keep up with the demands of consumers.
  Looking at the product I know that I could make something close to what they have, but please realize that there is more to this story and the product that meets the eye.  Survival Staps prides itself on that from start to finish your strap, dog collar, belt, key chain is 100% American made.  Everything they do it driven to keep American great, from the manufacturing of the cord to the assembly of the straps in house they are creating jobs and imputing money into the US economy and not a foreign county or buisness. Heck in the last 6 months they have hired about 30 people and it did not take a multi-trillion dollar stimulus package to do it, just good people, good product and a smart business plan.

Wounded Warrior
  My father, Uncles, and Grandfathers were all military and I live in a military town.  I support our troops and their families any chance I get because of the sacrifice that they all make for my freedom and yours.  The tipping point for me to actually want to talk to Survival Straps is their work with the Wounded Warrior Project.  Some people donate some proceeds at certain times of the year, they go way beyond that.  10% of all their standard items and 50% of all the WWP items go directly to The Wounded Warrior Project. They are also currently trying to raise $1,000,000 by Christmas for them.  That is not some small amount or money nor is it money that is coming from some large business.  This is hardworking Americans who are putting their money where their mouth is and helping the soldiers that have sacrificed so much for us.  This alone made me a life time supporter of Survival Straps, they could be selling toy monkeys and I'd be down.

The Strap
  Okay on to the strap itself. First let me say I am a rope junkie, I always have some kind of rope either in my bag, pack, truck or even on my Nalgene bottle.  It gets in the way, it gets knotted up and I never seem to have it next to me when I need it, but not any more.  I wear my rope now. The construction is top notch, sturdy, tight and durable.  The standard clasp is a plastic buckle, but in my estimation just go with the Stainless Steel Shackle, it is more useful and will not fail.
  I was thinking to my self, okay I need to take it apart and try to find something to use it on now, but I did not want to fake anything just for a review.  So I decided to wear it until I actually needed it and yesterday while duck hunting I needed it.  I had gone duck hunting without some kind of postmortem carrying device for my ducks. So, in comes my Black Survival Strap.  I untied the band, cut a section out and made a self-cinching knot that held my ducks while I made the mile and half walk back to my truck. Good stuff, ducks in the truck and I was still free to move and hike. One might say, "I just used my Strap for my ducks and I don't have a killer strap to wear anymore".  Not so fast.

The Replacement Policy
  "If you use it we replace it." Thats right folks, they stand by their product till then end.  No customer service in India, no endless waiting on the phone for help, Spanish Inquisition style questioning to prove you actually used it.  Just send them an email detailing how you used the product and send them a $5 donation and you have a new strap.  The stories go on their website for all to enjoy too, some nominal and some are down right hardcore! Here are a few a few of my favorite.

James the Sniper

The Wrap Up
  Okay, as you can see I am a little smitten for sure, but man this is the stuff that gets me fired up.  A company that cares for others, hires Americans to do the work, is a success from scratch story, and makes hardcore outdoor products!  How can you not be?!  I am one Strap down, but you can bet that I will be getting another on for sure.  If you are looking for a gift for someone this year for Christmas, Survival Straps is the place to go for sure.  Let us all help them get to that $1,000,000 Dollar mark and prayerfully beyond.


  1. Cool review, Tony and something worth while. Great to hear it's 100% American made, too. Nice job with describing how you used it, too. Going to go check them out now.

  2. Got mine a week ago and the women are going crazy! Well.. it is pretty cool!

  3. Good review. My girlfriend bought me one of these a few years ago when I saw it in a Field and Stream and commented on how great an idea was. I'm glad to see the company has stayed successful and supports great foundations like WWP. I'm tempted to order one of these myself just to donate and get another color!