Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide for Hunters

Hunting to me is more than one dimensional, it has many facets. Bows, centerfire rifles, shotguns and sharp knives are all things that I feel make me a complete outdoorsman or woman.  So instead of flipping through a catalog and giving you things I have only seen on the Internet or on the store shelf, here are my holiday gift suggestions for the hunter in your life that I actually own and use or otherwise have experience with.

Button Buck Clothing (most items $15+)

Button Buck clothing can be a great gift for both the hunter and his or her little ones.  As a father I know this: my son and daughter absolutely love their Button Buck gear and wear it proudly wherever they go.  As a father I can see the quality in the shirts, no cheap big box store bottom-shelf products here, Button Buck clothing is made entirely in the USA and printed by hand. As any parent or grandparent knows, kids’ clothes take a beating, but Button Buck’s premium products keep on going even with the most active kids. With slogans such as “Suction Cup Archery Champion”, “Vegetables are for Deer”, “Hunting’s Future”, and “Food Chain Champion”, there is something for every kid in the clan.

Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Bow Stabilizer ($79.99-109.99)

I received my 8” Bee Stinger Pro Hunter mid-season this year and with gusto I put her on my Mathews bow in hopes to tame my groups and I did just that. More than just a vibration dampener the Bee Stinger Pro Hunter actually aids in your shooting. While most other stabilizers focus on dampening your shot, the Pro Hunter focuses on making you a better shooter.  Bee Stinger’s carbon tube construction and variable weight forward design enables the Pro Hunter Stabilizer to slow down and steady your sight picture when you draw.  The internal dampening system that is located inside the carbon shaft also aids in reducing the vibration of your bow, making for a more comfortable day in the field or on the range. Availible in 8”, 10” and 12” carbon shaft lengths and 0 to 11oz weighted ends starting at $79.99 on up to $109.99.

Gerber Gear Myth Field Dress Kit ($84)

I am a knife junkie to say the least, so when a friend forwarded me Gerber Gear’snew #Unstoppable #HelloTrouble campaign I was beside myself with their new direction as a company. A few days later I had a few new knives show up at my door, two of which were part of the Myth Field Dress Kit–the Fixed Gut Hook 3.75” blade and the Small Fixed Knife with a sleek 3.25” blade. And don’t forget about the innovative and interchangeable knife sharpener that is built in the sheath. All in all you have a complete package that is ready to cut and cut and cut endlessly, whether you are in the field dressing a deer or at the farm cutting some rope. They truly are #Unstoppable and can keep you going for $84.

Custom Sako by Chesebro Rifles (price varies)

Everyone deserves something custom once in their life and something that is quality made. We have become accustomed to off-the-shelf products that fall apart. Not so with a custom Sako from custom gun maker Chesebro RiflesSako rifles themselves have a long history: like many other gun companies, they started out manufacturing rifles for their country’s armed forces (Finland) in the early 20th century. I recently took possession of a Sako 995 action chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum with a 1:9 twist 32” Benchmark barrel from Chesebro. Sako rifle construction is exceptional; the action is crisp and clean while the barreling, trigger work, and stock fitting from Chesebro is top-notch as well. Not being just a number at a gun counter is refreshing as well, as is actually getting a response to questions and information from a true expert and not just a guy in a green shirt. It was a great gift to me this year, and I believe would be a great big ticket item for you or your loved ones as well.

Crooked Horn’s RF Hook-UP ($39.99)

I hide nothing that I do indeed have a deep affection towards Crooked Horn products–they invented the Bino System and have come up with many industry-leading designs. The RF Hook Up is just such a product. It pairs the tried and true Bino System with their new RF (rangefinder) Sidekick. For only $39.99 you are able to carry your binoculars and your rangefinder and ready to access them when you need them. The RF Sidekick has a detachable tethering system that slides up and down the elastic strap and has a secondary securing system that latches over the eye cup. The RF fits most compact rangefinders on the market today which makes the product versatile and easy to use. Being that they are made in the USA, Crooked Horn’s quality is far superior to any others on the market today and their “No Fail Policy” does not hurt either all for $39.99.

Leica Trinovids ($1,500)

Optics: just the word makes me shutter and my bank account dwindle, but for good reason. If you can’t see your game from afar, you will not be able to get close and seal the deal. Optics are the single most important piece of equipment that you could have with you in the field and the Leica Trinovids are the perfect blend of quality and precision at a great value. Having 95% of the same construction as their top-of-the-line Ultravids, minus a few lens coatings and one less additive to the glass, the Trinovids are nearly identical. They are even built on the same chassis as the Ultravids. All you shed is a few features for a $700 dollar price reduction, landing you at $1,500. Money well spent, so instead of buying a new pair every other year purchase one pair that you will have for 10 years–it’s much more cost effective that way. Amazing optics to say the least and worth every penny you invest into them.

Swarovski ATX Spotting Scope ($3,000+)

When you need to see really far away theSwarovski Optik ATX/STX Spotting Scopes are modular perfection with their ability to change out lens objective sizes from 65mm to 85mm and on up to 95mm. With just a turn of the system, you can change and adapt to whatever situation you are in. The ATX (Angled Eye Piece) and the STX (Straight Eye Piece) also allow you to change your position according to your needs. With the Swarovision you are also getting glass that does not blur around the edges of the optics, has vibrant colors, and allows you to be able to look through your optics for hours on end without experiencing eye fatigue. The picture quality at long distances allows you to confirm that bull or buck across the mountain is worthy of hiking over to. It will save you a lot of time and effort if you just take great optics and look first. The ATX or STX start at around $3,000 for the Eye Piece and the 65mm Objective lens and goes up from there.

SKB Cases ($179.99)

I have had a multitude of different SKB cases over the years and the Hunter XL has been as rugged as any I have owned. Manufactured by poly forming the plastic outer shell and adhering EPS foam and plush fabric to the inside, the case secures your bow in a way that it does not rattle around. Retail for the case is $179.99 and that will hold 12 arrows and your parallel limb bow securely, protecting it from water, dust, and hard knocks that may occur while in transit. The interior dimensions of the case are 41” long x 17” wide x 6” deep, which will accommodate almost every parallel limb bow on the market today. I personally have had gasoline, mud and rain soak my case and the contents are still intact and safe. And let us not forget the kid test, if it can hold up to my kids jumping on it, the case if good for me.

Cajun Archery Bowfishing Kit ($27-105)

An outdoorsperson’s passions can take many forms, and one of mine is is bowfishing. And what better way to outfit a bowfisher than with a bowfishing kit from Cajun Archery. From their entry level tried and true Drum Reel to the new sleek Zebco 808 Big Game Bowfishing reel and accessories, you are able to start out small or slay the big ones while on the water.  The entry level reel kit includes the Drum Reel, fiberglass arrow and mounting rod start at reasonable $27 for their basic model on up to $32. The premium Zebco Bowfishing Reel kit starts out at $84 and top out at $105 for their premium Reel Seat and Yellow Jacket Arrows, my personal set up.

Hot Shot Manufacturing Nano Release ($75)

A relative newcomer to the release market is Hot Shot Manufacturing and their line of high quality releases. With shooters like Stan Potts in the line up, you know the product has to be quality. The newly released Nano utilizes the “Lever-Link” trigger system that makes for the quick and highly adjustable trigger tension. The Nano produces less friction than traditional bearing designs and that translates into a crisp trigger system that allows you to forget about your trigger and just focus on shooting. The Nano’s Lever-Link system also reduces the need to clean and lubricate your release, being that it is comprised of less moving parts. Simply put it is a small, crisp, and effective way to shoot your bow and I am personally glad I made the switch. Not bad for a release priced at $75.
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the world of tactical gun slings not all are created equal and as simple as a sling can be, a design can always be improved upon. The Limbsaver SW-Tactical Gun Sling is such a product and they have found a way to improve upon a simple product that everyone uses.

  Most slings are a mixture of flat nylon webbing with a few plastic or metal clips and buckles, Configured for either a single or two point connections. Both single and two point configurations have their advantages and disadvantages a single point allows mobility and being able to shoulder your weapon quickly and on either side, but has a tendency to swing back an forth when not being used. Dual or 2 points systems stay put, but can be hardest to shoulder quickly. Thankfully the Limbsaver Tactical Gun Sling is both.

  At first glance the Limbsaver Tactical Sling has a wide strap which helps to limit fatigue and pressure points that are generally associated with carrying your firearm. The obvious feature is the NAVCOM material makes up the majority of the strap, not only is the strap wide, but is does not slide around and shift keeping your firearm in front of you or where you want it at all times.  Most of the straps that I have used are simple, basic and slide around your chest and back more that a greased pig.  At first I was hesitant about the material and wondered if it was going to catch or twist around my clothing as I moved.  To my surprise it stayed where I wanted like expected, but I did not have a lot of movement with my jacket, shirt or sweater which is a huge plus.

  Top Three Features

  1. The NAVCOM non-slip strap really is incredible.  I won’t lie it is not for everyone, some people like their strap to rotate around. I am not one of them though. I want my gun to stay where I put it and not where it wants to go.  The width of the sling lessens the fatigue on you shoulder and the NAVCOM also has a little give to it so it acts like a padded sling without all the bulk and cheap sewing.
  2. I prefer the single point connection system and the Limbsaver design allows you to switch easily and quickly between the two.  The quick connections on the case are durable and less prone to breaking from continual use.  They have installed a metal ring into the harness which is the key to the Single Point connection system, durable, reliable and quick.  The Quick-Release harness system is attached and released by a simple tri-glide buckle, truly quick and easy. 
  3. Because of the single point design you are able to switch from your normal firing position to your weak side easily and back again without fighting your strap.  I was able to move through a building switching from shoulder to shoulder without any issue.
  The more I used the sling the more I stopped thinking about it, which to me is the most important thing with it come to shooting.  The more I can just focus on target acquisition and not on my firearm or its components the more I am able to just let things flow.   To me is telling of a great product and one that has a permanent place within my arsenal. 

Disadvantages to the Limbsaver SW-Tactical Sling are minimal, but could truly be changed easily by them to make the product even better.  Above in my second top feature of the sling I stated that the product had a few pieces that made it incredibly versatile and easy to use.  Those same features are the slings weak links as well.  I am not a huge fan of plastics and polymers on certain products or places where it is integral for the product to work at it was intended.  The Quick-Release and the connection point from the NAVCOM Strap and the nylon webbing are plastic and unfortunately might have fail when you need it most. Swapping them out to a metal clip would solve any concerns of the product failing.
    The last thing that I had issue again comes off one of the advantages as well, the sling’s ability to adjust.  There is a single tri-glide that helps retain the excess webbing when you do not have it adjusted out completely. This feature allows for a four to six inch piece to be hanging on my sling with I set it up how I wanted it and I’m a big guy it would only be more of smaller people. By adding a second Tri-Glide you would reduce the straps from hanging about and getting in the way and not impact the function of the sling’s ability to adjust.

The SW-Tactical sling was build to not slip and slide while you are in action and it does that.  It allows you at a moments notice to go from a Single point harness to a dual point and it does that really well.  So the reliability is there as far as I am concerned, but there are a few features that I would like to see changed, even though it would drive the price up a little it would still be worth it.   For $29.99 I definitely think it is worth it. Give it a shot if your are in the market.


The BB

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Wanted to share about some really cool guys doing something a little out of the ordinary in terms of hunting.  SHWAT, Special Hog Weapons And Tactics,  is trying to bring together the world of Tactical Firearms and wild hog hunting.  Traditionally the Tactical realm has been at arms length with the hunting world, but the Guys at SHWAT are attempting to bring the two together to manage the exploding population of wild hogs in Texas and beyond.

Give the guys a look over at


The BB
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Wordless Wednesday] Trophy Elk

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Fast Friday- Got to Have Gear

1. Hunten Outdoors- Field View 4- It retails for $150 off their site and really is handy when you just want to check your game cams real quick. The 3.5" view screen is really the size of an IPhone and easily stores in your pack.  Grab the card, hope up in your stand and while you wait for your deer to come by.  A great tool and worth it if you don't want to be messing with changing out your SD card on you camera. Just pop it in and go.  Simple.

2.Gerber Gear Myth Fixed Blade drop point with gut hook. I a knife guy, but this is one product that I really love.  The rubberized handle and built in sharpener that is on the sheath is simply awesome and another must have in your pack.  Out of the box sharp and cut even the toughest and thickest pig hide.  Watch for a full review of the Myth line in the coming weeks.

3. Bee Stinger- Pro Hunter Stabilizer- I did a quick review on the product two weeks ago and to say that I am glad I have in on my bow is an understatement.  I guess I never knew what I was missing.  The carbon shaft and the weighted disk surprisingly don't get in the way for me when I am hiking in after pigs and deer.  Give it a shot and see what you think.
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swarovski Optiks EL 8x32 Review

Swarovski Optiks EL 8x32 Review

To say that I was a little impressed with Swarovski EL 8x32 is an understatement and top that with the fact that I was skeptical about using them in the field when I got them, it was major conversion in my understanding of Optics and what I need to hunt. 

Technical Overview

For all the tech guys out there, you are in for a treat.  Swarovski Optics has done a few things here to really set themselves apart from other optics companies.   Here are the technical specs from their website and a little explanation from me.

·                       Field flattener lenses: contrast right up to the image periphery
o       Translated- Most lenses are curved and thus are distorted when the prism reflect through them.  Take another set of Binos and look at the very edges, there is a slight distortion of the image there.  The EL’s with SWAROVISION virtually eliminates that.
·                       HD optics: maximum contrast & colour fidelity
o       The term Fluoride-containing HD lenses describes the infusion of fluoride into the lenses that reduces the distortion of the color fringes and makes for a crisp and clean color transitions.  This is especially important to me in while glassing dense undergrowth for a pig, but more on that later.
·                       Eye relief plus: 100 % field of view even for spectacle wearers
o       I don’t wear glasses, but those who do will love the fact that the 4 position eye cup design allow them to be right up to the lenses without having to take their glasses off.
o       Fully extended the eye cups allow for a larger exit pupil distance (4mm), which translated into better eye relief and more comfort during the long glassing hours.
·                       Maximum color fidelity: through optimized coating of the lenses and prisms.
o       SWARODUR, SWAROTOP and SWAROBRIGHT give noticeably better color reproduction combined with even greater transmission. Refining colors and drawling out the differences is what allows you to find game.
o       The multiple coatings that are on lenses allow for browns and grey spectrums to be enhanced.  Being that most game are in those color spectrums you can use smaller and lighter binoculars and yet still see more.
o       SWAROCLEAN give a durability factor to the lenses that requires less cleaning of dirt, vapor and grim that tends to build up while hunting. Fact is you will spend more time looking and less time worrying about cleaning them.
For all the technical specs click here for sensory over load and satisfaction.

Personal Take

 I’ll be honest, they are expensive for most people.  With a price point of around $2000 dollars most people will want just wait for a retailer to get the same ol’ go to Nikons for 40% off.  I understand that, I was there up until a few weeks ago. I have heard from a lot of people say, “If it doesn’t actually aid in me killing the game then it is not worth it.” Okay, if you can see them then you are not going to kill them.  

I said that I was skeptical about 8x32’s in the opening paragraph.  I have always felt that you need big powerful binoculars to be able to get out there and see far away so you can put the stalk on an animal.  What I did not realize is that I was actually saying was, “My bino’s image quality is so poor I need to compensate by getting a larger picture.” The difference is High Definition to standard.  If you can see more detail, you do not need to get closer and you can have the benefit of having a smaller, lighter system on your chest.

Final Thoughts

 The confirmation came to me last week when I shot a 150lb pig with my bow and it ran off into the thickest gnarly undergrowth imaginable.  Rather than trouncing in there arrows blazing and getting rushed by a wounded pig, I just sat back and glassed under the dimly light canopy.  I took my time as I followed the blood trail and used the Swarovski EL’s to scan the trail for blood, foot prints and signs of movements.  With every minor adjustment of the field of view became so crisp, each blade of grass, leaf and twig came into focus as I ventured deeper and deeper into the dense undergrowth until I was able to find my pig and confirm it had expired.  Something that was previously unimaginable with other optics that I have owned in the past.  The experience was like the first time I had watched the Discovery Channel’s Planet earth on a High Definition television, an eye opening experience that left me breathless and wanting more. 

The Swarovski EL 8x32 are an optic systems that will truly last a life time and are the most important piece of equipment that you can have in the field.  The one time investment of a great pair of binocular systems is far less than the continual purchasing of inferior optics.  Purchasing your way up the price ranges is less cost effective and you will end up with a pile of used poor quality optics by the time you realize you should have purchased the Swarovski Optiks from the get go. It is time for an upgrade in your optics system

I recommend doing the right thing and buying an optic system right the first time.

Shoot Straight,

The Bearded Boar

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fast Friday- Questions

1. Just a quick question, I would not go out hunting or fishing without___________ with me?

2. A knife is a knife or I will only use _______ knives!

3. American made products is _________ when I'm purchasing my hunting gear.

Simple and easy.....Shoot Straight

The BB
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Protect American Heritage and Our Rights

There comes a time when we must stand up and voice out our opinions about oppressive legislature that attempts to reduce our freedoms that so many that died fighting to establish and protect.

 Right now, because of the indiscretions of a few misguided and disenfranchised we must pay for their sins of hate and rebellion that they themselves harbored within their hearts. In our state of California we are faced with many battles to keep out 2nd Amendment rights in place and our hunting heritage and traditions alive because some do not see it as progressive.

 On Governor Brown’s desk today are bills that restrict anything from the use of hound for hunt to tighter restrictions on “private sales” of firearms and even to making it against the law for a minor to be in possession of “BB” type gun. As with many bills in our current society that have been hastily written and designed these too are an ill fated attempt to erode gun rights and the American tradition of hunting.

 Our for fathers said it best in our Declaration of Independence Preamble,
 “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

 Rebellion in spirit, heart and practices is what is needed to restore our rights. It is not a physical rebellion of the government other than maybe removing the agitators from their elected office. Please join us in restoring our rights and protecting our freedoms. Idle talk, conversation or debates on forums will not correct this oppression, action is needed now!

Call AND e-mail Governor Brown TODAY urging him to VETO SB 1221, SB 1366, AB 1527, AB 2460 and AB 2333 

Governor Jerry Brown can be reached at 916-445-2841 and by e-mail here

 For more information visit NRA Institute for Legislative Action to learn how to get involved in your own state.

Deepest respect and thanks to the military and those who have pledged to protect and serve.

The Bearded Boar
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Bee Stinger- Pro Hunter Pre-Review

Is writing a review on a product before you have it in your hands even possible?  Not really I suppose, but what won’t stop me now. I can’t give you an first inspection overview, a how it feels in my hands, but I can give you the initial hype on the product. What I can say is that I hope it does what they say it will do.

Bee Stinger LLC, a division of Gold Tip Arrows, has shipped me an 8”/8oz Pro Hunter Stabilizer in matte black and the Quick Disconnect System.  Being 8” long I wanted to be able to remove the Pro Hunter stabilizer when I secured it to my back on a long hike in hunt.  The box at this time is somewhere between Utah and Central CA, at least that is what Fed Ex says.  So I wait and reflect on the situation and wonder how it will make my shooting experience better.

  1. The Facts-
    •  I don’t shoot with a stabilizer right now.
    • Though I do shoot 3”group most of the time at 50 yards, I have to work my tail off for that.
    • I was told before I would not need a stabilizer with the Mathews Reezen 7.0, it was great bow. (I should have gotten a second opinion.)
    • I am tired of fighting my bow into submitting to my will and not it’s own.
  1. The Hype-
    • From the Bee Stinger site- To understand why the Bee Stinger works, we first need to define the role of a stabilizer in archery. A stabilizer should hold your bow steady both while at full draw and at the time of release while shooting. The Bee Stinger embodies the definition of stabilization. When an archer is holding at full draw, there are many forces built up in the cables, limbs, and back of the archer, etc. When the arrow is released, these forces change suddenly. These changing forces affect the bow in addition to the flight of the arrow. The job of the stabilizer is to resist the movement of the bow resulting from these forces.

I spoke directly with one of Bee Stinger’s Territory Sale Managers about my bow and how to set it up.  Great thing is that he shot the Matthews Reezen with almost the identical set up and therefore with confidence he instructed me to order the Pro Hunter in 8” with the 8oz weight.  Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered to my doorstep, its mine. 

So, I guess this is a pre-review review on at least my experience and expectations with the Bee Stinger Pro Hunter. We will see what happens and looking forward to hooking it up tomorrow and giving it shot, so to speak.


The Bearded Boar
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Pig hunting drought ends with my bow

I have been dogging in on public land for pigs for I don't know HOW LONG now and with all the MILES, stories and unluck that I have had recently with the bacon mobiles I was feeling a little down.  So when my boss asked me if I wanted to run to his cabin that had some pigs running around it I jumped at the chance.  We motored up there Monday afternoon and we were going to get out Tuesday morning early.  Well as most things go that did not happen, but for a good reason.

Monday upon arrival I geared up and hit the trail looking for Bear, Deer, and or Pigs.  I found bear (tracks), Deer (does), Pig (track) and a crap load of turkey.  Cool thing about it was that I was able get in so close to the deer and turkeys.  I had a whole mess of does and turkeys within 30 yards it was pretty awesome, except that it was not turkey season and you can't shoot does in this area.  But as the night closed in I decided to call it good enough and head into the cabin.  [Commence sleeping and general tom-foolery as most grown men do when alone.]

Tuesday 5am came way to early, but that is the way it is when your having fun.  My plan was to check one of the ponds and then run the fire trails checking the clearings as I walked to the lower property where pigs go from the open fields to the safety of the gnarliest scrub oak known to man.  I got around to the lower section and sat up, of all places, under a tree stand.  Stand had not been tended to in a while and was a little over grown. But that dirt never bothered me anyway.

 After realizing this hunt was going to end like all the rest, I just ranged around to see where things were at.  On my last click I hit a log at 40 yards and not 10 seconds later, from the same direction of the log, I heard a noise.  And not just any noise, pigs!  Like a tornado coming out of no where the pigs stormed up the ravine like locus on the Egyptians.  The first pig that walked through the shooting window was a nice 150lbs pig. That is good enough for me. As she walked behind a tree, I drew. She walked onto the exact spot I ranged I let my arrow fly.  The Easton St. Axis 340 w/ blazers tipped with my MX-4 Muzzy met together with her in a mixture of squealing and blood loss.  She mowed through the undergrowth that is a tangled as a Tom Clancy novel and I heard her pile up and thrash around.  I took a breath, waited a few minutes and then started to track her down. 

Arrow was bloody and did not smell, nice.
Blood at the impact spot, great.
Bloody trail that I could land a 747 on, priceless

I took is slow and quite, which is really easy with the Crooked Horn's Safari Sneakers. No joke you can reduce your noise by 80% when walking in the nasty oak riddles under growth. I know I work for them, blah, blah, blah, paid spokes hole but I am not joking they are the most important things I own. No more taking off your boots and hiking in socks.  So as I followed the Red-Oak-Leaf-Road, I would step, sit and move.  Step, sit and move. Shower rinse and repeat.  After about 50 yards of that I came up on my first pig with a bow.  It seemed like an eternity to get it done, but I was pretty amazing to say the least.  I took a few photos, pulled her hind end out of the under growth and then boned miss piggy out.

All said and done, I shot her at 7:20 am and had her on ice and was leaving at 11:30am.  Not too bad, if you count all the filming we had to do and the dirty work of cutting it up.  When its all said and done it was a great hunt and a phenomenal way to finally end the pork drought in my freezer.  

There you have it & Cheers

The Bearded Boar
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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Excellence in Commercials with Gerber Knives.

Hey guys it is very rare that I am utterly Blow away by commercials, but I must say I have been recently.  The people over at Gerber Knives have really struck a cord with me and are pumping out some of the most riveting and compelling footage that I have seen in a long time.  So for those who may not have seen these yet be prepared to be be amazed and want to buy a Gerber Knife.

Check them out here for more info on the knives.


The BB
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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fast Friday- [Gear/PRE-SEASON/Scouting/Boots]

[Gear]- Here are some new toys for me to play with from the minds that brought up the Bino System, None other than Crooked Horn Outfitters.  I must say so far so good.

[PRE-SEASON]- If you havn't doned a pack yet and started getting in shape it not too late.  Fill your pack up with some gear and get out there.  Deer may not care if you are fat or not, but it does make it easier for them to run away from you if you are.

[Scouting]-  I know that most of our significant others are dreading the next few months, but its true sometimes the only way to find deer is to go out and look.  If you haven't been blessed by the private land fairy and have a bunch of trail cams out, I suggest taking the family on a hike.  To your favorite hunting area, a picnic in a bean field maybe.  Make it an adventure, everyone has to wear camo.  Okay maybe thats pushing it to far, but you get the point. Something is better than nothing to say the least.

[Boots]- Big shout out to Rocky Gear for being the only company to return the call to make a better boot.  They say they have one, but we will have to see about that.  I am willing to give their recomendation a shot.

Okay everyone thats it for the week enjoy, Im filming this weekend so expect some horn next week.


The Bearded Boar

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Over the next few weeks as I get ready to start my season, I will be posting articles about pre-season training tips. I am going to focus on a few things some people might not be thinking about and a few obvious ones. All are meant to get you ready for the upcoming season. You'll find everything from product tips, bow maintenance, workouts and shooting tips. Here is the first lesson.

Rule #1
You don't train for everything to go right, you train for when everything goes wrong.


Hope you all enjoy this, it's been fun to put together.

The Bearded Boar
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Open letter to the boot industry.

Dear outdoor boot and footwear makers,

Greetings I am an average hunter who likes his feet. In fact I love my feet to the point I wash them daily, trim the nails often and generally don't like breaking their bones (though I have three times). I don't want to sound like a nag, but is there something you guys can do about generally making a high lace boot comfortable and still maintain it's intended purpose, high ankle support and protection? It seems like there are a lot of you who insist on being like everyone else and making the same thing year after year and not attempting to revolutionize the industry.

I will not name names, but as I see it there are a lot of simple leather, neat poly and Gore-Tex misused in the same simple ways. And they all make my feet hurt. Please look into arch support and points in which material folds to determine if blisters and or bleeding may occur. I understand all boots need to be broken in but not at the expense of my dermis and toe nails staying on.

So take a page from the camo garment industry, they have new materials and new designs that we like and are buying. Just try to make the support of a ski/snowboard boot, the practicality of a trail running shoe, the durability of an alligator and the comfort of a slipper. I'll buy that and if you make in it my favorite camo I'll buy two.

Thanks for you time an effort,

The Bearded Boar
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Wordless Wednesday

I'd like you all to start sending me picks for the Wordless Wednesday post. Essentially it's just a picture of being outside, Game pic, or anything that does not need words to describe them. Sent me a pic I'll put it up.

Here's mine for the week.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fast Friday- Pre-Season


It's almost here for most of us, hunting season. Some of us freaks have had our bows or gun out for months now and are ready to go, but many have not. If you have not there is no time like this weekend to let a few fly down range. Don't wait till the last minute to get ready.

Game sightings

How does your game look? Have you patterned them yet? Have new bucks moved in? Is that bull hit that all impressive 400+ class yet. Are your trail cams coming back with nothing? Just like dusting off your
 bow and gun maybe its time you now head out and take a look. Sit on a ridge and see what's out there.

Give a kid a memory

Last take a kid out with you this weekend while your outside. It is amazing how many people I meet today that say, "You hunt? Oh my dad does that, but I don't." Where did we go wrong? We need to keep out great traditions alive and well. Pass it on.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Tying flies and a small pond

I moved up to the mountains recently to be able to get outside and enjoy the hunting and fishing with my family and so far I have not been disappointed. It's always fun to be able to fish almost every day at our two lakes that we have in our area. It makes R&D on flies real easy too. I can tie a fly and five minutes later be at the lake trying it on bass, crappie, catfish or even blue gill.  Here are some of the flies that I have been tying recently for my adventures.

This little guy was caught on a fly I call the Bu-lk and #6 Tiemco 200r with a bunny body, Deer belly head and a 5/32 bead. Rubber legs and a Rootbeer Flash for good measure.

My next creations that I have been stoked over are my Dingle Berry  poppers aka Hairy Popper. Elk hair tied onto a #4 Tiemco 200r hook with a few different feathers for that shimmy-shimmy lov'n.

The Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon. Killer for big Bass and Trout everywhere. A Tiemco 200R (notice a trend?) #4 front and #6 rear Maribu, Schlappin, Deer belly and rubber legs.

Lots of stuff are coming out of my head right now and the latest is El Gato de Muerte, the Cat fish killer. a Feather heavy fly tied on a you guessed it Tiemco 200R #4 and #6 hook. Has the flash and color irresistible to Cats everywhere.

Fun Stuff and looking forward to pumping out a few more of these fish friendly flies. And as the summer comes to a close be prepared for hunt heavy posts coming up in the near future.


The BB
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fly Tying Tip- Feathers, get them organized.

It's pretty simple and quick this little set up took me less than 5 minutes.

-Save a few cans of corn, green beans or in this case Rotel Tomatoes and pinto beans when making dinner.
-Remove the label and clean the insides with hot water.
-Proceed to the tying station, man cave, or where ever you other half has banished you too.
-Drill an 1/8" hole in the top of the can.
-Using a 1/2" metal/pan screw ( or what ever you have) attach it to a small price of wood. In this case a 1/2"x1"x18" piece of redwood.
-Drill 2 pilot holes on the out side edge of the wood.
-Install either a 1 1/2" drywall or wood screw to the wall, desk or what ever.

There you have it a simple, cheap and easy way to organize your feathers.


The Bearded Boar
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Setting up the future

Nothing makes me happier to be a father than when my kids willingly ask to learn about the things I love doing and the things i am passionate about This past weekend both of my kids on separate occasions asked for me to teach them more about Flyfishing and hunting.

While my wife and I were running and working out at our local lake I broke out the 3wt for some Crappie lip rip'n. As I was pullin in a fish I noticed my 4 year old daughter sitting off on the bank a few yards from me pouting. When I asked what was wrong she replied "I want to learn to fish like you do." (Insert big pouty lip here). So I told her that tomorrow we can go out on a special date and I'll teacher her to flyfishing with out her brother around. Smiles all around from me. I think I see a Tenkara rod in her future.

As soon as we got home I was on the computer mapping out my assault on the Coastal Blacktail season, which starts In mid July for us bow hunters, and was messing with a Carlton's Double reed elk call when my son came up to me and asked for me to teach him how to use it. Normally he just steals them out of my truck and chews on them till they are slimy and useless. At first I said know, but realizing I had an opportune moment to teach my son reason prevailed. I helped him place it in his mouth (a disgusting occurrence, a finger in a 6 yr olds mouth is like trying to tickle a rattler under the chin). But after a few phonetical tongue twisting he made his first cow call. His eyes lite up like you would not believe and so did mine.

It goes to show you, big game and big fish are amazing to conquer, but I still get that first buck jitters when I teach my kids. So cool.

Do yourself a favor, take a kid outside and teach them something new. It will remind you of why you started venturing deeper into the woods to pursue fin, fur and feather.


The BB
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Troubled Waters

I spend a lot of time in California's Central Valley for work and usually after a long day of toiling upon the earth I find it necessary to unwind a flyline or draw my bow to relax. I found a little irrigation pond one afternoon that is just full of fat spawning bass. Out came the 7wt and my big flies. It was on.

No sooner did I find the place then the owner of the property shut it down (note I did get permission first from the ranch manager). So last week there I stood speaking to the same Ranch Manager and he was very apologetic about having to tell me I could not fish the pond. Apparently too many people were taking all the bass and catfish and leaving all their trash, not to mention cutting the fences around the pond. He said sorry we talked for a few more minutes and I was on my way.

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing a local pond has been closed because of a select few who do not respect the rules of angling. Respect for the waters, respect for the fish and respect for others. If all followed these rules we'd be okay and there would be no need for special Trout Wilderness areas or catch and release rules on Muskie and Walleye, but that is not the case. As a great philosopher once said, "God is great, beer is good and people are crazy." DB.

On the upside, it looks like I'll be back on the pond with special access this week. The owner likes my videos I guess.


The BB
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Fishing hole

It's apart of life for us to bring the stresses of work home with us after a hard day. Whether you toil inside n office or under the bright sun the results many times are the same, complete exhaustion. Today that was me. So instead of wasting away on my home away from home I ventured out to a fishing hole I found out about from a few guys who work for me. The result was a small irrigation pond full of giant spawning Large Mouth Bass.

I caught two that were diligently watching over their bed of young ones and then for some reason just felt like stopping and listening to the afternoon wind, all 25 mph of it. Let me tell me tell you it is not fun throwing a 6" articulated flies in 25mph winds, but I digress. I simply decided it was time to sit and listen for a few, in fact that is what I am doing right now. The Starlings, Mud Hens, Mallards, wind and song birds are all giving me a symphony of natures subtle beauty. I can now say I am relaxed.

It has been the highlight of my week to say the least and has lifted my spirits of being in 100 degree weather for the past month. But that is what being an outdoorsman is about, no matter where you are at any given time finding the greatness in Creation.

So with my flyrod in hand I carry on to another day. Neither wind, sun nor my job will keep me from enjoying the adventure that is outside. For all of you stuck somewhere, find a pond and get lost in the beauty and the struggle of fly and fish.

Peace be the journey,

The Bearded Boar
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pigs, Turkeys and Redlining

Monday 3pm
I call the ranch management to tell them I'm coming out to pig hunt on a property to which the said they were cooling off the property for two weeks. Okay, no big deal there is a turkey property near by I can hunt that also has pigs. So I thought I can arrow a Thunder Chicken and scout for pigs at the same time. Mind you I have never been to this ranch.

530 pm
Work is over and I'm heading out, try to tell the wife where I'm going but cell reception drops. Ah no problem, just turkey hunting. First mistake.

615 pm
Unlock the gate to the ranch and camo up and strap on my snake guards. Spend the next hour glassing, calling and going over the map, oh wait I forgot to download Cabelas Recon to my new phone. Second mistake.

So armed with a map that was given to me by the ranch which looks to have been copied 10,000 times I ventured forth. No pigs or turks in sight or in each shot.

On the "High Def" map I did have I spotted an area that looked to have been some what clear and open with nice rolling hills so I trekked over there and found myself getting further and further back in the ranch and on roads the my little 2x4 was working harder and harder to keep going on. Third Mistake.

The above picture was taken just before all hell broke loose, the calm before the storm as it were. On the map I had it showed a road going back to the gate and it was the shorter than going back the way I came. I gave it a gamble and started down the trail, my nice road a low rider could drive on turned into a 4x4 trail from hell in one crest of a hill. By the time I figured this out and hit the breaks to reverse it was too late, I was committed and skidding down the trail. Fourth Mistake.

It's now getting dark and as I crest another hill the earth falls out just ahead of me. The trail now turns sharp left and runs about 24" from the cliff, I'm now stuck, can't go forward, reverse is now my only option. 50 yards in reverse with brush scratching my truck, a cliff to the passenger side and impenetrable brush to the driver. Mirrors are useless all I could do it use my back up camera and over the shoulder. I finally got to a place to turn around notice my road I was trying to find had a small road closed sign on it. So my only choice was turn around and head back the way I came in. Up a trail I barely made it down.

First attempt was unsuccessful despite flooring it ands when I was backing down it I started to slide of the trail again. Finally I was at a spot where I could take another run and just put some good ole Mountain Man determination in it and dropped the pedal to the floor. Stuff was flying all over my truck, dust, rocks and branches out the back. My truck redlined for the first time, but I got out of there.

So all being said it was a good time scouting and I pushed the limits of my truck. So now when I go back there on Thursday, I know which roads to stay away from.

The Bearded Boar
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Post work pig sticking

So by time some of you read this post, this is what I will be looking at. A few hundred acres of pig bliss in Central California. I'm up here working for a few months and since I do not have any daily family responsibilities what else am I to do. Was out there scouting last week and found good sign, so I have big dreams for today. We'll see.

Thanks all for sticking around while my life transitioned from Southern Cali to Central Cali and from one job to the next. Well I'm back and ready to rock. Hope to have a pig report here soon.

The Bearded Boar
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