I am a man of many talents it would seem and I enjoy everything outside. It pretty obvious by looking at my gear shed.  Surfboards, Freediving gear, Flyfishing rods, Riffles, Bowhunting gear, Kayaks, Woodworking tools and every sort of tool you could want.  By day I am a mild mannered Residential Construction Manager, and by 3:30pm and am a Western Athlete.  Blacktail, Western Muley, Elk, Pig, Carp, Trout and more are always on the hit list in my home.    

  I am a father of two awesome kids, my son, "Chew", is 6 and is always wearing some kind of camo.  He told me recently "Dad, I want to shoot a hog, with my Bow not a gun."  Tear, that's my Boy.   My daughter, "Checkers", who is 3 yrs old is half princess and half dirt clad wonder who always has something to say and somewhere to go. My Wife, The Domestic Goddess, keeps the kiddos smart, the house shipshape and me wanting to see them all again.

  Life is good out West, I get it done anyway I can.  Bows, Long guns, Flyfishing, Spearfishing, Surfing, Trail running and Backpacking is what I am about.