Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rain, Mud, Waterfowl and the Occasional Seal

  I really got into Duck hunting this year, and not just a little.  It filled the place of my bowfishing obsession this winter when all my fish faced friends were hiding in their deep pools.  Once I found out it was legit to hunt a little stretch of river along the Pacific Coast Highway, I was all for getting my Browning out and really putting it to the local duck population. It has been an up and down season with all the rain or lack there of here in California, my first Pin Tail and the constant battle with all the yahoos who think when you hunt you need to leave your brain at home.  I pressed on and here are the highlights and low lights to my season.

The Good
 By far the best part of my season was taking my son on his first hunt "Pass'n it on". To this day it still puts a big smile on my face every time I think about that day.  That Gadwall became his triumph, his duck, his special day with dad.  Nothing my son has done has made me prouder to be apart of his first day in the mud and water.

  I also was able to meet a lot of good people out on the public land, one guy hooked me up with my new Chocolate Lab Boone. Another gave me the recommendation I needed to join a hunting club here in California called Wilderness Unlimited. It truly was a good season and I am looking forward to next years as well.

The Bad
 So that was the best of days, but I also had a few moments where I wanted to reach out and stick a decoy where the sun don't shine on a few fellas.  First was a group of "intelligent gentleman", and I use that term loosely, who decided they were going to go hunting in blue jeans and white t-shirts.  I really wouldn't care if that was all, but they also decided to drive their truck around looking for ducks instead of sitting in a blind or jump shooting them on foot.  It's bad enough when a person walks by you while your are in a blind, but a metalic blue Ford 250? Really? Next was the yahoo shooting divers while they were sitting on the water about 40 yards from us, not sure if he likes divers or just likes looking like a tool.  Jury is still out on that one.

And the Ugly
  Okay maybe not the Ugly, but at least the strange.  I was talking to a friend who was in our normal blind and he could not believe what he was seeing, a seal swam past him as he and his son. That would be unheard of for most, but understandable given the fact that the area where I hunt is at the far end of an estuary. So though highly unlikely to see marine life in there, not improbable.  I have heard from another guy that said he caught a shark and a Ray in the same area to.  So go figure.

   It was a good year for sure, not major complaints to speak of. Just a good reminder that I need to teach my kiddo's the proper way act in the field.  I am glad that I spent the time over the water and under the wings, but I am looking forward to being able to sit on private land with like minded individual who respect you and water that the are shooting over.  Still have three more weeks of late season goose hunting so we will see if I can get out and put the hurt on some Whites, but to be honest I am a little worn out from a long season.  Plus we are in the height for pig season.

Peace be the Journey,

The Bearded Boar


  1. Your video was heart warming. I can't wait until mine are old enough to take out.

  2. Great read! I know how it feels to take your kids hunting and letting them think they are getting the most enjoyment, when it is really you that enjoys it the most. Just keep Pass'n it on!

  3. Well said, Tony. Being the teachers for our children has to be at the forefront and you handled those situations well. Stoked about your son getting his first, too. Way to be diligent in your pursuit of SoCal and Central Cal game.