Saturday, June 9, 2012

Setting up the future

Nothing makes me happier to be a father than when my kids willingly ask to learn about the things I love doing and the things i am passionate about This past weekend both of my kids on separate occasions asked for me to teach them more about Flyfishing and hunting.

While my wife and I were running and working out at our local lake I broke out the 3wt for some Crappie lip rip'n. As I was pullin in a fish I noticed my 4 year old daughter sitting off on the bank a few yards from me pouting. When I asked what was wrong she replied "I want to learn to fish like you do." (Insert big pouty lip here). So I told her that tomorrow we can go out on a special date and I'll teacher her to flyfishing with out her brother around. Smiles all around from me. I think I see a Tenkara rod in her future.

As soon as we got home I was on the computer mapping out my assault on the Coastal Blacktail season, which starts In mid July for us bow hunters, and was messing with a Carlton's Double reed elk call when my son came up to me and asked for me to teach him how to use it. Normally he just steals them out of my truck and chews on them till they are slimy and useless. At first I said know, but realizing I had an opportune moment to teach my son reason prevailed. I helped him place it in his mouth (a disgusting occurrence, a finger in a 6 yr olds mouth is like trying to tickle a rattler under the chin). But after a few phonetical tongue twisting he made his first cow call. His eyes lite up like you would not believe and so did mine.

It goes to show you, big game and big fish are amazing to conquer, but I still get that first buck jitters when I teach my kids. So cool.

Do yourself a favor, take a kid outside and teach them something new. It will remind you of why you started venturing deeper into the woods to pursue fin, fur and feather.


The BB

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  1. I couldn't agree more Tony! Good for you for taking a moment to teach your son how to use your elk call. I am sure that's a memory he will cherish for years to come.