Monday, September 17, 2012

Bee Stinger- Pro Hunter Pre-Review

Is writing a review on a product before you have it in your hands even possible?  Not really I suppose, but what won’t stop me now. I can’t give you an first inspection overview, a how it feels in my hands, but I can give you the initial hype on the product. What I can say is that I hope it does what they say it will do.

Bee Stinger LLC, a division of Gold Tip Arrows, has shipped me an 8”/8oz Pro Hunter Stabilizer in matte black and the Quick Disconnect System.  Being 8” long I wanted to be able to remove the Pro Hunter stabilizer when I secured it to my back on a long hike in hunt.  The box at this time is somewhere between Utah and Central CA, at least that is what Fed Ex says.  So I wait and reflect on the situation and wonder how it will make my shooting experience better.

  1. The Facts-
    •  I don’t shoot with a stabilizer right now.
    • Though I do shoot 3”group most of the time at 50 yards, I have to work my tail off for that.
    • I was told before I would not need a stabilizer with the Mathews Reezen 7.0, it was great bow. (I should have gotten a second opinion.)
    • I am tired of fighting my bow into submitting to my will and not it’s own.
  1. The Hype-
    • From the Bee Stinger site- To understand why the Bee Stinger works, we first need to define the role of a stabilizer in archery. A stabilizer should hold your bow steady both while at full draw and at the time of release while shooting. The Bee Stinger embodies the definition of stabilization. When an archer is holding at full draw, there are many forces built up in the cables, limbs, and back of the archer, etc. When the arrow is released, these forces change suddenly. These changing forces affect the bow in addition to the flight of the arrow. The job of the stabilizer is to resist the movement of the bow resulting from these forces.

I spoke directly with one of Bee Stinger’s Territory Sale Managers about my bow and how to set it up.  Great thing is that he shot the Matthews Reezen with almost the identical set up and therefore with confidence he instructed me to order the Pro Hunter in 8” with the 8oz weight.  Signed, sealed and soon to be delivered to my doorstep, its mine. 

So, I guess this is a pre-review review on at least my experience and expectations with the Bee Stinger Pro Hunter. We will see what happens and looking forward to hooking it up tomorrow and giving it shot, so to speak.


The Bearded Boar


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