Monday, February 11, 2013

Returning to the Blogging

Hey guys or maybe because it has been so long I am talking to crickets in an empty room, but all the same I am here again looking at a screen trying to find something to say.  But alas even if it has been a few months I do not have much to say other than it has been a crazy few months for me.  Anything from missed shots on deer from last season, to my epic 5000 mile journey during the outdoor trade-show season and finally all my camera equipment getting stolen at Shot Show in Las Vegas, NV.  Yup I am back to where I started, no cameras......for right now.  I got hooked up with the guys from Contour so I think I am going to be okay.

Any way this is just my way of saying see you all around the block and I will be writing more here real soon.


Tony aka The Bearded Boar


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