Monday, April 15, 2013

Evolution Anglers- "Dudes"

Here is a cool one from Evolution Anglers- "Dudes" is a tribute to the people they take out fly fishing to earn their living doing what they love. Like it gents, keep on keep'n on.

Dudes from Evolution Anglers on Vimeo.

Dudes, sports, guests, clients whatever you call them, people paying guides are the reason many of us like myself get to make a living doing something we love. This video is a combination of two days fly fishing on the Big Hole River in SW Montana with two of my favorite "Dudes". We had a ton of laughs, beautiful weather and great fishing. These two closed down my guide season for the year, and provided an excellent ending to a fantastic guide season. For more videos and thoughts from Southwest Montana check out their blog, 


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