Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TightSpot Quivers- New Crimson Black Quiver

I have been a fan of TightSpot quivers for many years now, in fact it is the only quiver that I have ever used on my bow. So I have a deep respect for the technology behind the quiver and why you want you bow as close as possible to the center-line of the bow. Simply hold a gallon of milk next to you chest an then hold it out to the side arm stretched. Which is easier your you to hold you balance?

  This past week I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot for TightSpot Quivers and to say the least I am excited to help them grow their Brand in California and the West. Though Prostaff for companies is never something that I pursue heavily due to a lot of stigma that I have for the term, it is what it is. I am apart of a great team with many great hunters that call TightSpot home. 

Since I reviewed the old hood style TightSpot Quiver a few years ago I will not bore you with more of my dribble, but I will leave you with the Video I shot for them.

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