Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Discovering Upland Game With Kids

To say I have a son and daughter who love the outdoors is an understatement. My son is all hunting all the time, camo everything is awesome to him. My daughter is becoming a pink camo girl day by day. So needless to say we are outside often. 

As we were a few days ago when I heard my son screaming at me "Look what I found!" as I was doing chores in our barn. He came running down to me and when he opened his hand he had a small clutch of California Valley Quail eggs cradled in his palm. Before I could tell him otherwise he was off to the incubator where we already had a few turkey eggs going. 

I was a great reminder to me that one should take infinite awe in Creation and what I so frequently take for granted. I live with my family on a mountain top surrounded by wildlife. It takes an right year old boy who asks a million questions about the life cycle of a Valley Quail for me to appreciate what I have. So in a few weeks I should have a few hatchlings running around here. We shall see. 


The BB

Real question is Dinner or Live Decoys for my Lab?


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