Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And now for something completely different....

  Many people have seen my video "The Canal" about bowfishing in Ventura County, CA.  It is not your typical sit down outdoor hunting type program and that to me is a good thing.  Many hunting shows today have the same footage, same B roll cut ins and same stand in front of a big tree and tell you about the kill footage and they have their place on television.  But when did hunting footage split from main stream culture and loose the ability to stir in visual appealing footage with a moving story of the pursuit of game.  That is what I am trying to do, move emotion within someone no matter what the content.

  Almost every hunt is a momentous event that should be conveyed in such a way that moves us and unveils a the primal scream that come from deep within our souls.  But given the current state of 95% of outdoor programming, I am left lacking most of the time. I long for a story line that moves me and keeps me interested for more than 5 minutes.  Not a, "here is my gear, my sponsors, my leased land, the shot, and then the inevitable standing over the kill with a smile".  Why don't you see the blood on the hands, the dirt covered faces and the bruised shins from tree stumps?  Dare I say the hunt has become too soft and sanitized?  Not the hunt itself mind you, I know the hunts can be hard, but the footage has become so executivized, pretty and family wholesome programming.  Really?  My 6 year old knows what a how to gut and skin a Rattle Snake and Cotton Tail, blood will not give him nightmares. 

   Come on lets show some true grit!  We are not Prius driving, nonfat-sugar free-latte drinking pansies, we are Outdoor Warriors! Athletes who scale mountains and traverse swaps for our prize!  Lets show our passions on our sleeves!  If we want to show other non hunters who we truly are we also need to change their perception of the backwoods, banjo playing, two toothed rednecks that we are not.  We are educated rednecks, most of us have degrees and full time jobs that are the fabric of our society.  We need to depict our lives beyond the camo and show that we are more than savages.  We have families, kids, we cook, love and are passionate about preserving the outdoors which we live in.  Lets bring our lives to the masses not just our hunts.  We need to film the hunting lifestyle and legacy, not just the hunt.

  So all this being said, I have been given the privilege to know some men who are trying to bring the cinematography that most of us crave, but did not have a voice to say we desired.  Take a look at Project: Dominion which will air in 2012 on The Sportsman's Channel.  It is a mixed bag of guys, MMA Fighter, School Teacher and well I am not sure what Peter King does anymore but he is a really cool guy all the same.

The Teaser-

Project Dominion

Here is their Facebook page too-

Project Dominion- Facebook

  What I am stoked also about it that I am slated to shoot an episode with them doing some bowfishing.  Death From Above!  Good times.

Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

The Bearded Boar


  1. Awesome video and look forward to watching it.

  2. This is gonna be awesome! Glad you are involved in the project!