Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top ten things to do in a stand or blind...

 So this weekend I was sitting in my ground blind and waiting for pigs to come into the water hole for hours and hours.  I started to think about the things I had been doing all day while I was waiting and about the things other people do while waiting for game.  Here is a the top ten list.

1. Glass the area counting every blade of grass and fallen leaf.

2. Text everyone you know about the conditions in the field hoping they respond.

3. Range every pebble and blade of grass around you.

4. Update your Facebook, Twitter, Blog and or Google+ account with more random info.

5. Check and double check the wind direction.

6. Wish death and destruction on every squirrel within a two mile radius.

7. Text your buddy who is sitting in a stand down the road to see if he has seen anything.

8. Move to a new stand or blind because the wind has shifted again.

9. Contemplate the meaning of life for the fifty time that day.

10. Re-apply sent blocking spray for the 200th time in an hour.

These are a few of my favorites, what are yours?


  1. Hmmm... interesting

    1. Tell my kid to quit talking
    2. Tell my kid to wake up
    3. Tell my kid to quit drinking
    4. Help my kid pee in a bottle
    5. Tell my kid to quit talking and be still
    6. Tell my kid to quit spraying me with scent a way
    7.Tell my kid to quit blowing the deer grunt
    8. Get out of stand pickup deer grunt because kido dropped it.
    Tell my kid to stop talking and be still
    9. Read my wife's Facebook profile about what store she is at and cringe
    10. Tell my kid to be quite, quit spraying me with scent a way, be still, stop drinking so much, asking my kid to close the the bottle of doe urine, taking my kid to pee and thanking the lord for allowing me the opportunity to do so!

  2. Download a book onto my iPhone, get so into the book I miss a opportunity at a deer.