Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventure is under a hat.

  I was cleaning out my truck today when I realized something, I have and wear a lot of hats. Camo, Trucker, Visors, Bennies, Meshed and more.  I like to wear certain hats to do certain things, My Matthews hat is for Deer Hunting in the cold or at the archery range.  My HS hat is meshed so I use it for hot weather and turkey hunting, my red Patagonia hat I wear surfing and I can't forget about my blue Patagonia hat that I wear flyfishing.  Lets just say we would be here a while if I were to describe all the hats and their "Job Descriptions".

  With all the hats that I have it reminds me of why I love the outdoors, for every hat I have there is an adventure under each one.  Each hat has a story and has been with me though thick and thin. I guess you can say an adventure for me starts under a hat.

So cheers to the  fleece, cotton, and canvas we wear
The brim, the flex fit, the mesh and the ones lined with hair.
Our brows are shaded from the sun,
So in hopes that while outside we can  "Git R' Done".
We find warmth on the days the snow is falling,
And cover when we pursue the ducks we are calling.
So here is to the hat the increaser of odd,
Your are truly an invention that is straight from God.

The Bearded Boar


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