Sunday, November 27, 2011

Introducing Boone Derbar

I have been thinking for quite some time that it was time for me to start training hunting dogs again.  As my drive for hunting has been increasing over the past few years, I have been in need of a retriever on land and in water. In short I am getting tired of having to wade chest deep water with a stick trying to retrieve my ducks.  So in comes in Rocky Point Retrieves in Carona, CA.  They had two 10 week old males left in their litter, both with a genetic trait that caused both of them to have speckles on their paws.  Boone Derbar or Boone for short is a AKC registered Chocolate Lab with yellowish spots on his paws and a few on his chest.

  For me a few spots on the paws does not mean much to me.  Color is color and I have hunted over a few dogs, that were pure as pure can be and they were nothing more than high priced wastes of training.  Out of the two Boone, was more interested in playing with me than his brother.  So I was sold on him. Then I was off to the mecca of the west, Bass Pro Shop.  Oh ya, luck me it was on the way home and I just so happens to be in need of a few dog training items.  Boone got his first lesson within an 20 minutes of being picked up the lead.  It was shaky for the first 5 minutes, but he ended up taking to it well.  By the time we made our first of many passes up stairs he was good to go and we had "Sitz- Sit" down by the second round.  I forgot to mention I train my dogs in German, so they do not get confused by other handles and not to confuse my other house dog.  
  It was funny to see how many people I had petting him and asking to take him home.  I had more people around me than the candy machine at a Jenny Craig convention.  I eventually had to just pick him up and carry him so I could finish my shopping.  So for our first adventure out together he was a winner, A+.

  After 4 days, I've got him on lead, fetching on mark, sitting, stay, lay, waiting on the handler to go in the door first, and a few other tricks. So well see how the rest of the week goes for us.  Hope you enjoy the video.

The Bearded Boar

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  1. Very Cool! My Lab is going on 7 months and he barely knows how to sit . . . Can't wait to see videos of Boone in action!