Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work, work, work......

I know people say work is a four letter work, but we all know it is not. Though I may loath the days when I get up at 330am to go to work and then return home after 8pm, hey its a job and the fam is taken care of. I think most of us agree it better then reading the unemployment ads and waiting on Uncle Sam to send up a check. Man was meant to work and work hard, "Toil upon the earth". The past two weeks have been pretty rough on me for sure. I have only hunted one time and that is it, no fishing, no diving, no surfing and heck I haven't even touched my bow in two weeks. I am going nuts!!!!

So to remedy this situation, I have decided to kick my hunting into high gear for the rest of the month. Duck, Bear, Pig and Quail are on the turf side on the hunt and for the surf side I am going to dive for lobsters and fly for trout and halibuts. It is time to kill something and stock the freezer for sure. No more driving all over creation staring at the bumper of Puris' and hybrid wind up cars in Los Angeles. I want to be looking down the barrel of my Browning or through my Spott Hog 7 Deadly Pins sight. That is what I want for Christmas Santa, I've been a good boy. Please!!!!!!!!

Also coming up are a few gear reviews first up to bat is the Tight Spot arrow quiver, so get ready for some Bearded Boar Lov'n.

Thanks all for staying with me all.

The Bearded Boar


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