Thursday, December 29, 2011

Following the river back in time.....

I am gearing up for a short but intense trip this weekend to the Owens river and more specifically The Gorge, The Lower, The Upper and big water drifting section that is near bishop which will go nameless.  I am really going up for a few reasons,

1.To Drift my Diablo PS down the Owen River and give the Adios a trial run on the rapids loaded with camping gear, food, gun, fly stuff and well a big fat bearded guy.
2. To hook up with David at Sierra Trout Magnet  and shoot some interviews and fishing scenes.
3. Meet up with another buddy of mine up in Crowley Lake, Tom Long, and then head to Hot Creek for a lip ripping run.
4. Lastly to REALLY unwind a little and just be myself and film some nice clear, clean and smooth mountain water.  I have been staring at brown muck in the canals chasing carp all fall and I would like to be able to see the bottom of something as I fish.

  So if I can accomplish any two of these tasks it will be a success for me, and truly if I get to one of them and just take a little siesta on the side of the river bank I will be just as happy. Funny how priorities change when you are stressed and tired.  Sleep first, fish second. Okay Fish first, sleep second, fish third.

  I know I promised a big unveiling last week, but honestly it was a little premature and I need to work out a few of the details first.  I promise as things develop or really after this weekend I think I will be sharing some pretty cool stuff with you all.  I will say thing though I am working on a full length film right now with my good buddy Blair and things are progressing well.  So today was short and sweet, but good.

So to all those Fly Slingers out there, safe travels this weekend and hope your weekend is as promising as mine.

The Bearded Boar

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  1. Very Cool Buddy! Sounds like a blast Good Luck and can't wait to see the results!