Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DIY Gear- Hat Hook Holder

Something happened to me last weekend that I am still not over, I lost one of my really good flies. In the weed or on a sunken log I would not be as heartbroken, but this was different.  It was on my hat. My place of honor as you may.  A plethora of well loved flies that have seen many hours of battle and have done their tours in the rivers and streams of the west. They now rest upon my hat to proudly display their devotion to their trade. There are also a few that "hitch-hike" as it were while they dry or await to be placed back within their box.  That is where my Fly was last seen and now he is on the side of the road somewhere, hopefully he has been picked up by another angler who can appreciate him.  But this got me thinking today as I was on my way to work, I needed to make a way to place flies on my hat and easily remove them as needed or not. So here is one variation of what I came up with.

So what you need:
-Hat- Here is my F3T Hat from this years showing, good hat to show.
-Velcro strips or patches- I like the patches ***Note the self-adhesive kind it can gums up the thread and needle so be careful.
-Needle and thread (Red because its cool)- I pick this one up at Target for $2.50

Line it up
 Pretty self explanatory, put to where you want it to go. Watch out that you do not place it over a seam or a thick part of the hat. It is not an easy task to sow through it.

There you have it, start at the corner and work you way around.  Add a few extra stitches at the corners so that you do not break them after repetitive use. Another thing that you can do is use the other adhesive side and mount a thin piece of craft foam from your local craft store. This will allow you to take the flies off and add a new set of flies for easy access.  Just a fun little tool that will keep your flies with you and not on the side of a stream or road.


The Bearded Boar


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