Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Fishing hole

It's apart of life for us to bring the stresses of work home with us after a hard day. Whether you toil inside n office or under the bright sun the results many times are the same, complete exhaustion. Today that was me. So instead of wasting away on my home away from home I ventured out to a fishing hole I found out about from a few guys who work for me. The result was a small irrigation pond full of giant spawning Large Mouth Bass.

I caught two that were diligently watching over their bed of young ones and then for some reason just felt like stopping and listening to the afternoon wind, all 25 mph of it. Let me tell me tell you it is not fun throwing a 6" articulated flies in 25mph winds, but I digress. I simply decided it was time to sit and listen for a few, in fact that is what I am doing right now. The Starlings, Mud Hens, Mallards, wind and song birds are all giving me a symphony of natures subtle beauty. I can now say I am relaxed.

It has been the highlight of my week to say the least and has lifted my spirits of being in 100 degree weather for the past month. But that is what being an outdoorsman is about, no matter where you are at any given time finding the greatness in Creation.

So with my flyrod in hand I carry on to another day. Neither wind, sun nor my job will keep me from enjoying the adventure that is outside. For all of you stuck somewhere, find a pond and get lost in the beauty and the struggle of fly and fish.

Peace be the journey,

The Bearded Boar

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  1. Excellent find and glad to hear you were able to get out for a bit. I know how it can screw with your mind when you are stuck working all of the time. That pond looks like heaven. Hope you have a great weekend my friend.