Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pigs, Turkeys and Redlining

Monday 3pm
I call the ranch management to tell them I'm coming out to pig hunt on a property to which the said they were cooling off the property for two weeks. Okay, no big deal there is a turkey property near by I can hunt that also has pigs. So I thought I can arrow a Thunder Chicken and scout for pigs at the same time. Mind you I have never been to this ranch.

530 pm
Work is over and I'm heading out, try to tell the wife where I'm going but cell reception drops. Ah no problem, just turkey hunting. First mistake.

615 pm
Unlock the gate to the ranch and camo up and strap on my snake guards. Spend the next hour glassing, calling and going over the map, oh wait I forgot to download Cabelas Recon to my new phone. Second mistake.

So armed with a map that was given to me by the ranch which looks to have been copied 10,000 times I ventured forth. No pigs or turks in sight or in each shot.

On the "High Def" map I did have I spotted an area that looked to have been some what clear and open with nice rolling hills so I trekked over there and found myself getting further and further back in the ranch and on roads the my little 2x4 was working harder and harder to keep going on. Third Mistake.

The above picture was taken just before all hell broke loose, the calm before the storm as it were. On the map I had it showed a road going back to the gate and it was the shorter than going back the way I came. I gave it a gamble and started down the trail, my nice road a low rider could drive on turned into a 4x4 trail from hell in one crest of a hill. By the time I figured this out and hit the breaks to reverse it was too late, I was committed and skidding down the trail. Fourth Mistake.

It's now getting dark and as I crest another hill the earth falls out just ahead of me. The trail now turns sharp left and runs about 24" from the cliff, I'm now stuck, can't go forward, reverse is now my only option. 50 yards in reverse with brush scratching my truck, a cliff to the passenger side and impenetrable brush to the driver. Mirrors are useless all I could do it use my back up camera and over the shoulder. I finally got to a place to turn around notice my road I was trying to find had a small road closed sign on it. So my only choice was turn around and head back the way I came in. Up a trail I barely made it down.

First attempt was unsuccessful despite flooring it ands when I was backing down it I started to slide of the trail again. Finally I was at a spot where I could take another run and just put some good ole Mountain Man determination in it and dropped the pedal to the floor. Stuff was flying all over my truck, dust, rocks and branches out the back. My truck redlined for the first time, but I got out of there.

So all being said it was a good time scouting and I pushed the limits of my truck. So now when I go back there on Thursday, I know which roads to stay away from.

The Bearded Boar

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  1. Wow and WOW! That had to be a VERY unnerving 50 yards. And then getting up that hill. Kudos for pushing the limits of the truck and glad you made it out safe. Yowza!