Friday, July 20, 2012

Fast Friday- Pre-Season


It's almost here for most of us, hunting season. Some of us freaks have had our bows or gun out for months now and are ready to go, but many have not. If you have not there is no time like this weekend to let a few fly down range. Don't wait till the last minute to get ready.

Game sightings

How does your game look? Have you patterned them yet? Have new bucks moved in? Is that bull hit that all impressive 400+ class yet. Are your trail cams coming back with nothing? Just like dusting off your
 bow and gun maybe its time you now head out and take a look. Sit on a ridge and see what's out there.

Give a kid a memory

Last take a kid out with you this weekend while your outside. It is amazing how many people I meet today that say, "You hunt? Oh my dad does that, but I don't." Where did we go wrong? We need to keep out great traditions alive and well. Pass it on.


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