Monday, July 16, 2012

Tying flies and a small pond

I moved up to the mountains recently to be able to get outside and enjoy the hunting and fishing with my family and so far I have not been disappointed. It's always fun to be able to fish almost every day at our two lakes that we have in our area. It makes R&D on flies real easy too. I can tie a fly and five minutes later be at the lake trying it on bass, crappie, catfish or even blue gill.  Here are some of the flies that I have been tying recently for my adventures.

This little guy was caught on a fly I call the Bu-lk and #6 Tiemco 200r with a bunny body, Deer belly head and a 5/32 bead. Rubber legs and a Rootbeer Flash for good measure.

My next creations that I have been stoked over are my Dingle Berry  poppers aka Hairy Popper. Elk hair tied onto a #4 Tiemco 200r hook with a few different feathers for that shimmy-shimmy lov'n.

The Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon. Killer for big Bass and Trout everywhere. A Tiemco 200R (notice a trend?) #4 front and #6 rear Maribu, Schlappin, Deer belly and rubber legs.

Lots of stuff are coming out of my head right now and the latest is El Gato de Muerte, the Cat fish killer. a Feather heavy fly tied on a you guessed it Tiemco 200R #4 and #6 hook. Has the flash and color irresistible to Cats everywhere.

Fun Stuff and looking forward to pumping out a few more of these fish friendly flies. And as the summer comes to a close be prepared for hunt heavy posts coming up in the near future.


The BB


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