Thursday, August 15, 2013

If you follow some of my other Social media feeds Twitter, Facebook and mainly Instagram you will have seen my posts of a grip of Contour Camera gear. A little over 6 months ago I was asked by Contour to join as a CCP Operative gathering footage and making films of my exploits in Hunting and Flyfishing. So need less to say I obliged and join the team. 

I have gotten a lot of questions about why I have been using Contours over Gopro camera for the past few years and I thought I'd lay it out here in three simple points. 

1. It is sleek and compact- Contour Cameras are long and narrow instead of wide and flat like a GoPro. This makes the vertical or if you were facing it a smaller profile. It helps if you are mounting it to a bow, gun, dog or your head. You don't have a box sitting in front of you, it's small more manageable. 

2. I believe there are more places to mount the camera being that it has to mounting systems. The "Contour System" of two channels that lock onto their proprietary system an the universal 1/4" threaded female adapter that allows you to mount it to and tripod, roll cage mount or anything else you'd find in a camera store. Simply it mounts to your head better, gun better and any flat object better. 

3.  The biggest thing to me is the adjustable lens that you can rotate to get your camera level, regardless of how your mount is secured. Simple it you mount it to a tree that is leaning or on uneven ground with a tripod you don't need to sit there and mess with the adjustments on the mount, simply rotate the lens till it is level. 

Well there you go, Contour is similar to a Gopro in a lot of ways, but is way better in so many more. 

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