In tradition with being a true Outdoorsman, I have decided to dedicate this page to the spirit of self-sufficiency and innovation.  I have a problem with paying for items that I can make myself and in many cases make it better.  I work with my hands by trade and it only fits that the rest of my life follows in line.  Crafting out of wood, metal, fabric (yes I sow) and plastics is very satisfying to me.  Anyone can purchase a mass produced piece of equipment from China, but Craftsman create.  So when I want a certain camera angle for filming I make my own mounts, if I need a rest for my bow, I make it and if I want a certain feature in my clothing it is of to the fabric store I go.  If you have a some custom hunting Items I would love to see them too and put them on the site.

Bowfishing Rest

Here is a good example of making a good thing better.  I used 1/4" aluminium and plastic hardware to make a full containment bowfishing rest.    
  I went full containment because when you are filming, watching for Rattlers, and still trying to find fish you should have to worry about your arrow falling of the rest.  This one is silver the rest are black.  Death From Above!

Camera Mount For Contour

The nice thing about this setup is that it is simple with minimal moving parts.  It can give me about 170 degrees on swing on each side and it attaches to the stabilizer mount.

This guys is as basic as it comes, no moving parts other than the 1/4 screw to attach the camera.  I have four different setups right now, one for my Contour and one for a GoPro which is a little wider.  and then each has one that has tilt and the other is fixed.

Camera Mount For Cell Phone

This is one of my first camera mounts that I used for my HTC Evo 4.  The full swivel allowed me to get some really good shots of me pulling back on my bow and other angles.  There are a lot of moving parts with this one, but when it is set up where you want it, it is rock solid.  And it comes in all black now.