Thursday, August 25, 2011

Goals- From Foot to Finish.

I am on the hook now, no backing out, no excuses.  My first trail half marathon on November 5th!
The Silver Falls Half Marathon is in the Silver Falls Start Park, just outside of Silverton, Or.  (That is a lot of silver going down if you ask me.)  And I can run a total of about....3 miles right now and that is a little rough.  No worries the wife is doing it with me, so I will have her to motivate me and hopefully I'll be able to bring a tow line so she can pull me along.

Training regiment will be listed tomorrow hopefully.

So in the spirit of the W.A. (Western Athlete-See first post)  Let's get it on.
The Bearded Boar

PS.- Oh ya, 245lbs today and so far so good on killing the cravings, but the lunch truck will be here in 30 mins.  So what you say, well I eat for free off it because I'm the boss.  How can I deny all the spicy goodness of Mexican food?  Just look down are remember what it does to my midsection.  Ensalada for me today and a 30 minute run and then shooting 100 arrows after work.


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