Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Reason to have a quality Bow

  Yesterday I was up in Bakersfield, CA running some errands when I decided to go into the local bow shop to see what was going on and to introduce myself (Remember local shops are the lifeblood to our sport, see My local bow shop is closing and its our fault ).  Upon walking in first I was blown away. If you wanted a Matthews Helium they had it in your size and in whatever color you wanted, same went for Hoyt, Bowtech, Elite, G5 and more.  That was impressive to say the least.  I spoke with owners mother who was running things behind the counter and the uncle who was helping a young guy with in (XXXXXXX) bow, sorry don't want to give any details til I know more about what happens next.  Good shop and I was just cruising looking at photos and product thinking up what I need to waste more money one, beside the Matthews Helium of course.
  As I was talking to Mom, the had put the guys bow in the press and changed his draw length of his brand new bow that he had purchased a few days before.  First shot you here a noise, that was weird. Second time a round....this is the point where everyone is holding their breath and thinking of arrows going through hands, strings flying around and cutting faces and arms and general mayhem unleashing.  Well you are right, as the young guy got about half way through his draw snap! Strings and cams everywhere, arrow goes flying in my direction and I am ready to apply pressure till paramedics arrive. Luckily no one was hurt, only the bow.  The bracket that held the upper cam in place had completely sheared off and caused a train wreck. Needless to say that was exciting.

  So long story longer the Unnamed company wanted the bow back for testing and the young guy is being sent a new bow today.  I will say, good customer service, but I don't think I will be buying a bow from the company anytime soon.

So all in all, don't buy a XXXXXXX and head over to The Archery Shop if you are ever in Bakersfield, CA. They have a great selection of Hunting, Bowfishing and Camo products.  Plus they are good people too.

  On a side note they did have a bow from the movie Scorpion King staring The Rock, I didn't expect that when I went in there.

Talk to you later all,

The Bearded Boar

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  1. Woah that is crazy.. Hopefully I don't have a XXXXXX bow. It hasn't snapped on me yet so I guess not. Good to know no one was hurt!