Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Shed Hunting

I had last week off from work and so I went off the grid to try and hang with my kids as much as possible.    On one of those days I went shed hunting with my son and we found a few jewels out there.  For me it is really important to teach my son about being outside and respecting the outdoors and I dig any chance I get to do that.  Shed hunting has become a family affair for us, wife, daughter, son and I all go out and look for them when ever we get a chance.  It is a good family bonding time and not just dad in camo stalking pigs and deer by himself.  Give it a try some time I know you all will enjoy it.


The Bearded Boar

Notice the Deer in the back ground? A little tame out here on the father-in-laws property.


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