Thursday, October 18, 2012

In the world of tactical gun slings not all are created equal and as simple as a sling can be, a design can always be improved upon. The Limbsaver SW-Tactical Gun Sling is such a product and they have found a way to improve upon a simple product that everyone uses.

  Most slings are a mixture of flat nylon webbing with a few plastic or metal clips and buckles, Configured for either a single or two point connections. Both single and two point configurations have their advantages and disadvantages a single point allows mobility and being able to shoulder your weapon quickly and on either side, but has a tendency to swing back an forth when not being used. Dual or 2 points systems stay put, but can be hardest to shoulder quickly. Thankfully the Limbsaver Tactical Gun Sling is both.

  At first glance the Limbsaver Tactical Sling has a wide strap which helps to limit fatigue and pressure points that are generally associated with carrying your firearm. The obvious feature is the NAVCOM material makes up the majority of the strap, not only is the strap wide, but is does not slide around and shift keeping your firearm in front of you or where you want it at all times.  Most of the straps that I have used are simple, basic and slide around your chest and back more that a greased pig.  At first I was hesitant about the material and wondered if it was going to catch or twist around my clothing as I moved.  To my surprise it stayed where I wanted like expected, but I did not have a lot of movement with my jacket, shirt or sweater which is a huge plus.

  Top Three Features

  1. The NAVCOM non-slip strap really is incredible.  I won’t lie it is not for everyone, some people like their strap to rotate around. I am not one of them though. I want my gun to stay where I put it and not where it wants to go.  The width of the sling lessens the fatigue on you shoulder and the NAVCOM also has a little give to it so it acts like a padded sling without all the bulk and cheap sewing.
  2. I prefer the single point connection system and the Limbsaver design allows you to switch easily and quickly between the two.  The quick connections on the case are durable and less prone to breaking from continual use.  They have installed a metal ring into the harness which is the key to the Single Point connection system, durable, reliable and quick.  The Quick-Release harness system is attached and released by a simple tri-glide buckle, truly quick and easy. 
  3. Because of the single point design you are able to switch from your normal firing position to your weak side easily and back again without fighting your strap.  I was able to move through a building switching from shoulder to shoulder without any issue.
  The more I used the sling the more I stopped thinking about it, which to me is the most important thing with it come to shooting.  The more I can just focus on target acquisition and not on my firearm or its components the more I am able to just let things flow.   To me is telling of a great product and one that has a permanent place within my arsenal. 

Disadvantages to the Limbsaver SW-Tactical Sling are minimal, but could truly be changed easily by them to make the product even better.  Above in my second top feature of the sling I stated that the product had a few pieces that made it incredibly versatile and easy to use.  Those same features are the slings weak links as well.  I am not a huge fan of plastics and polymers on certain products or places where it is integral for the product to work at it was intended.  The Quick-Release and the connection point from the NAVCOM Strap and the nylon webbing are plastic and unfortunately might have fail when you need it most. Swapping them out to a metal clip would solve any concerns of the product failing.
    The last thing that I had issue again comes off one of the advantages as well, the sling’s ability to adjust.  There is a single tri-glide that helps retain the excess webbing when you do not have it adjusted out completely. This feature allows for a four to six inch piece to be hanging on my sling with I set it up how I wanted it and I’m a big guy it would only be more of smaller people. By adding a second Tri-Glide you would reduce the straps from hanging about and getting in the way and not impact the function of the sling’s ability to adjust.

The SW-Tactical sling was build to not slip and slide while you are in action and it does that.  It allows you at a moments notice to go from a Single point harness to a dual point and it does that really well.  So the reliability is there as far as I am concerned, but there are a few features that I would like to see changed, even though it would drive the price up a little it would still be worth it.   For $29.99 I definitely think it is worth it. Give it a shot if your are in the market.


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