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Swarovski Optiks EL 8x32 Review

Swarovski Optiks EL 8x32 Review

To say that I was a little impressed with Swarovski EL 8x32 is an understatement and top that with the fact that I was skeptical about using them in the field when I got them, it was major conversion in my understanding of Optics and what I need to hunt. 

Technical Overview

For all the tech guys out there, you are in for a treat.  Swarovski Optics has done a few things here to really set themselves apart from other optics companies.   Here are the technical specs from their website and a little explanation from me.

·                       Field flattener lenses: contrast right up to the image periphery
o       Translated- Most lenses are curved and thus are distorted when the prism reflect through them.  Take another set of Binos and look at the very edges, there is a slight distortion of the image there.  The EL’s with SWAROVISION virtually eliminates that.
·                       HD optics: maximum contrast & colour fidelity
o       The term Fluoride-containing HD lenses describes the infusion of fluoride into the lenses that reduces the distortion of the color fringes and makes for a crisp and clean color transitions.  This is especially important to me in while glassing dense undergrowth for a pig, but more on that later.
·                       Eye relief plus: 100 % field of view even for spectacle wearers
o       I don’t wear glasses, but those who do will love the fact that the 4 position eye cup design allow them to be right up to the lenses without having to take their glasses off.
o       Fully extended the eye cups allow for a larger exit pupil distance (4mm), which translated into better eye relief and more comfort during the long glassing hours.
·                       Maximum color fidelity: through optimized coating of the lenses and prisms.
o       SWARODUR, SWAROTOP and SWAROBRIGHT give noticeably better color reproduction combined with even greater transmission. Refining colors and drawling out the differences is what allows you to find game.
o       The multiple coatings that are on lenses allow for browns and grey spectrums to be enhanced.  Being that most game are in those color spectrums you can use smaller and lighter binoculars and yet still see more.
o       SWAROCLEAN give a durability factor to the lenses that requires less cleaning of dirt, vapor and grim that tends to build up while hunting. Fact is you will spend more time looking and less time worrying about cleaning them.
For all the technical specs click here for sensory over load and satisfaction.

Personal Take

 I’ll be honest, they are expensive for most people.  With a price point of around $2000 dollars most people will want just wait for a retailer to get the same ol’ go to Nikons for 40% off.  I understand that, I was there up until a few weeks ago. I have heard from a lot of people say, “If it doesn’t actually aid in me killing the game then it is not worth it.” Okay, if you can see them then you are not going to kill them.  

I said that I was skeptical about 8x32’s in the opening paragraph.  I have always felt that you need big powerful binoculars to be able to get out there and see far away so you can put the stalk on an animal.  What I did not realize is that I was actually saying was, “My bino’s image quality is so poor I need to compensate by getting a larger picture.” The difference is High Definition to standard.  If you can see more detail, you do not need to get closer and you can have the benefit of having a smaller, lighter system on your chest.

Final Thoughts

 The confirmation came to me last week when I shot a 150lb pig with my bow and it ran off into the thickest gnarly undergrowth imaginable.  Rather than trouncing in there arrows blazing and getting rushed by a wounded pig, I just sat back and glassed under the dimly light canopy.  I took my time as I followed the blood trail and used the Swarovski EL’s to scan the trail for blood, foot prints and signs of movements.  With every minor adjustment of the field of view became so crisp, each blade of grass, leaf and twig came into focus as I ventured deeper and deeper into the dense undergrowth until I was able to find my pig and confirm it had expired.  Something that was previously unimaginable with other optics that I have owned in the past.  The experience was like the first time I had watched the Discovery Channel’s Planet earth on a High Definition television, an eye opening experience that left me breathless and wanting more. 

The Swarovski EL 8x32 are an optic systems that will truly last a life time and are the most important piece of equipment that you can have in the field.  The one time investment of a great pair of binocular systems is far less than the continual purchasing of inferior optics.  Purchasing your way up the price ranges is less cost effective and you will end up with a pile of used poor quality optics by the time you realize you should have purchased the Swarovski Optiks from the get go. It is time for an upgrade in your optics system

I recommend doing the right thing and buying an optic system right the first time.

Shoot Straight,

The Bearded Boar


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