Monday, December 19, 2011

Gear Review- Tight Spot Arrow Quivers

   Hi, my name it Tony and I am a gear freak.  I love getting new product, setting it up, tweeking it over, over and over again. I can not and will not settle for what is "basic" or the "good enough", I need the best.  And so you give me a product like the Tight Spot quiver and I am in seventh heaven.  With vertical, horizontal and lateral adjustments the possibility of having my Matthews Reezen in Perfect balance was too hard to resist.  With all that being said, man I feel better.  And now that I have had a season of shooting with the Tight Spot Quiver lets get this party started.
  So I bolted on the Tight Spot quiver almost 10 months ago in the hopes that the hype and company rhetoric that claims that by mounting the quiver you will reduce torque, dampen you bow, remove vibration and have better balance when you shoot.  If you ask me that is a pretty hefty claim all from something that is adding weight to you bow and normally is making your bow dip to the right at full draw.  But, looking at the features, adjustability of the quiver I was more than optimistic that maybe just maybe they might be right.
  Engage geek mode 2.0-  The Right Spot (TM) is what Tight Spot calls it.  Theoretically you should be able to align the quiver in such a way that it does not effect your shooting, or really they say that you will shoot better with it on than off.  The Vertical, horizontal and lateral adjustments really gives you a lot of options on the set up. So I think anything is possible, so here we go.
  Okay, nock, locked and ready to watch'em drop.  I really just started by spending the spring, summer trying to see how it shot all rigged up.  I never, never, never take my quiver off while shooting.  I want to me able to shoot at anytime and never have to think, "Oh man, my quiver is still on and here comes a huge pig!"  It is just one more action you have to do in order to get ready for the just one shot.  I guess it might be okay to do if you sit in a stand and never move around, but I hunt out West.  Sure you do sit and glass quite a bit, but at a moments notice you are diving down a ravine trying to get in front of a herd of deer.  So I leave it on, from 15 yard on out to 115 yard I practiced all spring and summer.  I adjusted it up, down, left, right, in and out and I finally came up with a spot that I feel really did make me shoot better.

  In California archery deer season starts in July and well, I took up the task and did my part to reduce the Black tailed devils.  Well, I did not shoot a deer in July, but I did hit a wayward peacock at 60yards while it was walking uphill.  If I had to try and take off my quiver to make that shot I would have never been able to seal the deal, but I did and to this day it is one of the highlights of my shooting career.

 So is it all it is hyped up to be, in short, yes. In long ohhhhhhhh yaaaaa!  I do love it, I really do like the fact that my arrows are protected by their super durable hood and are also secured 18" down from the head. The two piece quivers don't do it for me, they are hard to alight right and you are limited to just the manufacture positioned holes on you bow.  Other one piece quivers are just a tad bit bigger than a deck of playing cards and stick out 6' from your bow.  There are a few things that I dislike about the quiver, first the sticker on the Hood, I mean could it be any bigger? Okay minor I know, but still a big deal for me. Next is their screws on their Bulldog Gripper System, mine are rusting from shooting in the rain and snow.  Another minor thing for sure.  But with a lifetime warranty I am not worried in the slightest. Last thing is the price at about $150 you are deffinately at the upper end of the quiver range, but with everything it does it is worth it for sure.  So, The Tight Spot Quiver, to me, delivers where others fail and is the only quiver I want on my bow.

Thanks for listening,

The Bearded Boar


  1. Good review, Tony. I love my TightSpot as well. I was also skeptical about their claims, as well as the price, but I must say that the TightSpot is one of the best purchases that I have made for my bow!

  2. While I do not always need 'the best,' I still want quality. The TightSpot is a great quiver and with a guarantee/warranty like that you can't go wrong. I have yet to find a quiver that can match the quality and durability. It's be nice to have a better price, especially for the new archers, but you do what you can. Good review, Tony.