Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Bearded Boar Weekend- The Movie

The Run Down 
  So here is a run down of the past weekend for me, Friday I ran up La Jolla Cyn to the fire road which is a 5.2 mile run.  Not too bad for a 235 lb, for now at least, fat guy.  I had just enough water to get to the top and they Dehydrate myself on the way back down wishing I had brought more.  My saving grace came in two forms, my camel like ability to store water in my hump (not really) and my keen knowledge of the secret water fountain that is hidden within the parking lot at the trail head.  Right next the the first parking space.  After four bottles of water I was off to a quick bowfishing expedition for an hour and half around the local tributaries of the V-County.

  Next the Wifey took off the Santa Clarita for the night, leaving me and the kids to fend for ourselves,  searching for whatever scraps of food we found on the floor to sustain ourselves.  That and some stuff I picked up from Trader Joe's.  So it was a 24 hr, Dad and Kiddo sugar bender filled with doughnuts, pancakes, sugary fruit substitute drinks (aka McDonalds), and general lawlessness.  Very Lord of the Flies-ish, except for the whole loin cloth, military school and living in caves thing.  Really it was more like they came with me to work picked up a two doughnuts and then we headed off to the beach via a Deluxe B-fast meal.

  Sunday the wifey was home so we did the Church-Trader Joes-Petsmart and another Beach run with the whole group thing, so simple and yet so satisfying.

The Critics Review
  This past weekend got me thinking. Sometimes it takes a simple, yet fun, weekend with the fam to recharge and get us ready for the next big adventure.  Life is not all about big bucks, trophy fish or perfect waves, it can be as simple as making sand castles and watching a lizard eating crickets with your kids that makes life really memorable.  Man I love this life.

Until the next time,

The Bearded Boar

Some people don't read the novel, they just wait for the movie to come out.  If that is you here you go.

The Movie

Tonight we are Spearfishing and surfing so stay tuned.


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