Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm sitting here at work on a Saturday morning looking looking at my hands. They're not smooth, they are not pretty and they are not well taken care of. To be honest they are callused, dry, rough and curently a little cut up, blistered and bloody. My nails have paint on the, not nail polish (though I am from Cali, but thats not my thing), its auto paint from working on camera mounts for my bow and I've got a few thorns in my fingers from tearing out blackberry bushes at my house. This got me thinking, am I different than a lot of hard working people that made America great, no probably not, but i can say that I am in good company.

   I am proud of my hands, I actually like it when people say something like, "Man you hands are tore up!"  It's kinda funny, but to me it says that I work hard and dedicated.  That is something that is very important to me and something that I never want to loose.  You don't get hands like this typing on the computer or signing papers, it take practice and pain.

So to all the hard working, callused handed brethren out there this dirty cut up thumbs for you. Stay safe this weekend for those of you who are hunting or working.

So that being said I need to get back to work and remove some more chain link fence on my job site, with out gloves of course.

The Bearded Boar


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