Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Generational Hunting

  I am a second generation hunter and I am raising the third generation as we speak.  My son Chew has already shown the desire to hunt for over a year now and October 15th he will be accompanying me on his first hunting trip for California Valley Quail.  He is normally camo clad through out the day, wears a holster with a squirt gun inside it and is clutching a plastic bow and makeshift arrows.  Two nights ago he and I were watching Pigman Tv while I was editing a video and he jumps up, grabs a piece of paper and starts to draw an epic hunting scene.  In his world arrows were being flung, Deer, Elk and Pigs were dropping like flies.  All by his hands.  I sat there asking question about the hunt, shot placement and how he wanted to cook them. It was a great moment for me as a father to see my son, without prodding (kinda), follow my footsteps of being an outdoorsman. It was a good day.

Thanks all,

The Bearded Boar


  1. Too Cool Man! You're raising him right. Hope to bring my son in the ground blind some this year!

  2. You should see his face when I tell him he can come do a spot-n-stock with me. Him and I have gotten within 25yr of a group of does once. He stayed quite, that was the shocker.